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TNT Australia, part of the global TNT network, offers a reliable parcel tracking system, allowing users to monitor their shipments seamlessly within Australia and internationally. By simply inputting their consignment or reference number online, customers can access real-time updates on their parcel's location and delivery status.

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Renton Kelly - 5/15/2024 11:59:42

How bad can a simple delivery get? This consignment has been delivered to someone (Mark) to a location, goodness knows where in Port LIncoln. 50 km away.The stupid girl on the enquiry line has no ifdea of what or where this shipment is.

Sue Franklin - 12/14/2023 9:51:31

My parcel was delivered yesterday, unexpectedly a week early. As advised on the delivery failure note, I tried on both a PC and a mobile device and neither recognise the tracking number. So, I've tried looking for your local depot in Bunbury WA on the Internet and cannot find a listing. So, I'm completely stuck. Why is this so difficult??

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About TNT Australia

In the bustling realm of parcel delivery and logistics, TNT Australia stands tall as one of the industry's heavyweights. From the sun-kissed shores of Bondi Beach to the rugged terrains of the Outback, TNT ensures that Australians stay connected, one package at a time. With a rich history, a global footprint, and an unyielding commitment to excellence, TNT Australia has become synonymous with timely and reliable deliveries.

How to Track Package Status

Keeping tabs on your parcel has never been easier with TNT Australia's intuitive tracking system. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Head over to the official TNT Australia website.
  2. Locate the 'Track & Trace' section on the homepage.
  3. Input your unique tracking number provided at the time of dispatch.
  4. Click 'Track' and voila! You'll receive real-time updates on your package's whereabouts.

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