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FedEx Station, Redbank QLD

😁Guy on the front was great, went and found my pallet, loaded it himself in the Ute, great service.
😡I would give 0 stars if possible. Waited at home all day for an important package, only to be told t...

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FedEx Station, Redbank QLD
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Monash Road, Redbank QLD, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone +61132610
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Adam Mcgrogan - 2022-04-29

Guy on the front was great, went and found my pallet, loaded it himself in the Ute, great service.

Alma Sebastione - 2023-06-23

I would give 0 stars if possible. Waited at home all day for an important package, only to be told there was an "attempted" delivery. No calling card left. Highly incompetent delivery drivers. That's your one job, deliver packages! And you can't even do that correctly... how is this company still functioning? Now its an inconvenience to me to have to pick up from somewhere.

Nic Plant - 2022-01-18

We're helpful when required. Great facilities at redbank.

Michael Barber - 2022-04-19

Great job came quickly pick up was very easy and quick staff were very helpful and efficient

Kartik Walia - 2022-02-11

Still better than australia post. Only by an inch though.

Mario Traversi - 2023-05-22

Still waiting... We should be allowed 0 stars, because as of the present moment I've had absolutely no service. 3 days waiting for a pick-up. No follow-up, no calls, absolutely disgraceful. Their call-centre (I presume located in the Philiplines) is next to useless.. but then again it might not be their issue.. because all they can do is SEND AN EMAIL?! How does that work?! Needless to say.. it doesn't.

338 Edge - 2021-12-02

They were the best, now they are the worst. Absolutely useless.

Gabriele Zabarini - 2023-03-05

I was home the whole day, waiting for my parcel. The delivery driver didn't even sound the horn or knock the front door. A FedEx van zip past the house, and after 1 hour, I got an email of an attempted delivery, but no one was home. Long story short, I had to drive 1 on a half hour the next day to pick-up my parcel. Angela, the manager, was very nice on the phone and the staff at the depo was also very helpful. The blame goes entirely to the driver.

Joseph Butler - 2022-04-11

Expensive but customer service is not only existnant but decent.

Michael - 2021-11-14

I do not know how this company is still in business. I will do everything in my power to ensure my company and all associated companies do not use this service or lack there of.

Laser Tattoo Removal Australia - 2023-05-04

We would give 0 stars if we could.

Whitney Mcknight - 2023-01-19

Their customer service phone operator, and two people who worked in depot pickups were super helpful and polite. They made some calls for me and arranged things so I could pick up my package earlier than scheduled. They really saved the day.

Bradley Dowling - 2023-02-07

Picked up my delivery early, team was amazing.

David Preece - 2022-12-22

Friendly staff great service

Joshua Trueman - 2022-03-16

My delivery has been in transit for 4 weeks no one can tell me where it is called help line and get run around very poor service I will Never Use them again I WILL USE AUS POST NEXT

Magniature Cases - 2022-03-17

The friendly staff at the ship centre sorted out a collection that my sender has messed up quickly and efficiently

Jebus The Real - 2022-08-17

They lie about coming to your house and then can't tell you where your package is. I honestly don't know how they survive as a business.

Lilibeth Ramos - 2021-10-08


Tanya Khanna - 2023-04-24

Horrible, Horrible service! Been following up on an urgent delivery since last Friday and haven't heard anything. The case manager didn't even call back to update us after giving their team almost 6hours to get the parcel on-board their delivery team!! Ridiculous support. Also, the delivery person added a note to the tracking sheet that they dropped a 'missed card' but there was none found on my property though i was home all day and didn't hear anyone come by nor ring a bell or drop the 'missed card'.

Abdus Salam - 2023-01-28

Poor service Driver left a valuable package at door and did the sign on my behalf that I have received it. I was overseas at that period. What a bunch of thugs. I was lucky my neighbour saw the package and took care of the same Shame on you Fedex for such poor service.

Ray - 2022-05-27

Slow and lazy Seriously I was at home all day they didn’t show up and texted me sorry we missed you this is not first time every xxxxxxxx single time wasted my time and I know you would never care about it

Jared Jensen - 2023-01-27

Items were sitting at their redbank facility for 3 days with express shipping option. Wasnt even able to pick it up from there as i needed it urgently. No resolution. Do not recommend receiving items from this company.

C - 2023-02-03

Got a call saying from Fedex and the first thing I hear is "Hi is this Sandra, Yes, You put down the wrong address" didn't even ask what my address was (It was the correct address). I told them that I'll come and pick it up from the deopt. I walk into the office and I'm greeted with "What do you want"

Guru Bharadwaj - 2023-05-09

Pretty disappointing with their package delivery. An international priority parcel has been sitting in their premises for the last 6 days with no action after repeated phone calls. The reason given by the FedEx operator was that there were too many parcels to deliver is just not acceptable. They kept promising that the package will be monitored for progress and be delivered the next day, but yet to see any action.

Gary Meyer - 2022-01-10

i am waiting delivery from brisbane to brisbane 5 one answer the phone what a company get out of buissiness

Stef B - 2022-12-02

Was home all day and have checked my parcel tracking which says delivery was “attempted” and “nobody was home”. I never heard or saw any delivery person at the house and now the parcel is sitting in a depot over half an hour away from my house with no opening hours on weekends. I work full time, how am I supposed to find time during my work day to drive an hour round trip to pick up a parcel that was clearly never attempted to be delivered? Absolutely appalling service, how you’re still in business is beyond me.

Craig George - 2021-12-26

Poor signage for picking up

Stephen Kim - 2023-03-08

Worst worst worst service people. Paid 40$ for delivery and the delivery guy never made attempts to deliver at all. I called the customer center 37 calls in effing 30 days to keep track and tell them what to do but fhjsjdjsjdjdndndh they dont do it. This company should be banned from providing services ever again. Really hope one day I can see your company go bankrupt

David Oh - 2023-03-25

terrible delivery. why put my package at other person's house and sent delivery complete mail with other person at the same time even the addresse is far as 10km haha you guys have super power? I had to take my package at other person's house even I paid delivery fee .

Daniel Manning - 2023-07-26

Please never use this company. Ever.

Sharon Winsor - 2023-03-09

This has to be the worst freight depot in Aus. How does this depot still operate with such poor service, no care in the world when small business pay huge amounts of dollars to send pallets of goods, tell outright lies to my customer and to me.. back through the call centre. No contact number to call directly, dont reply to requests, ignore delivery requests. Disgusting

Smash Rag - 2020-10-12

Staff were the only saving factor. I played for over night deliver and didn't get it till 2 days later. I had to find another solution money and time wasted

M Kennedy - 2022-12-20

I had a couple of bad experiences with TNT deliveries during mid 2022, with very slow movement of consignments around the country and very slow final delivery to my address - e.g., 7-10 days total delivery time from Sydney. If I was providing a review at that time, I would have given them 2 stars (because they never actually lost my consignment, which would have rated a 1 star). But this week I have had one of the quickest and best deliveries ever, so in all fairness I am giving them 4 stars, and hoping that their 2021-22 woes are now behind them. May also be the effect of better management under FedEx? They picked up my 60 kg palleted consignment in Sydney yesterday afternoon and delivered it to me in suburban Brisbane this morning, with packaging in perfect order. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is because their online tracking didn't seem able to keep up with the speed of the delivery!

Susana Lopez - 2022-03-25

You guys gotta lift this business.providing greater service(effectively). This is my second time with fedex that doesn't deliver my products on time.Put up with The work Thanx.

Yang Zhao - 2022-01-19

Not sure what happened. Package has been delayed for several days, no explanation. Really frustration. Don't use its service. It's the worst express service I have used.

Dylan Tovey - 2021-12-17

Last three packages sent via TNT are currently AWOL. The one before that was overnight express Brisbane to Sydney and took 10 business days. I sigh everytime someone asks us to use them :-(

Chloe Cavendish - 2022-11-15

posting for a friend. I have called about my delivery it has been horrible and has hung up on me I contacted them twice and they said it’s coming and it didn’t even show up both times, now I have to wait again. Honestly so disappointed with how this company is portraying themselves to their customers as a delivery company that’s worldwide I would’ve expected better customer service than that I will never get anything delivered through them every again.

David Wheatgrass - 2022-06-10

The time vacuum of parcels... Don't bother paying Fedex express, it will satisfy hate for messy a week then another week once Auspost picks it up

Gary Haack - 2023-01-11

They have not got back to me after 2 days. My package was not delivered and they said it was signed by me!! Never saw a driver and was home

Shan S - 2022-04-29

One of the worst depot ever. These guys hardly delivering packages. if you are sending packages QLD or Perth. Dont use Fedex

Simon Cropper - 2023-06-23

I collected my freight here.

Indy Swift - 2022-08-12

I was at home when “attempted delivery” was made, as soon as I got the “sorry we missed you” message, I immediately looked outside and there was literally nothing and no one. Seriously? The “driver” made zero effort in delivering the package. Really disappointing.

Edwin - 2022-01-24

Doesn't actually deliver parcels.

Terry Duncan - 2021-11-28

My shipment have been at the redbank fedex stn for more than a week, still no sign of it being delivered..

Tom Finn - 2022-09-26

For some reason they decided to only deliver 2 of 3 pallets. When asked for an explanation, "we'll get back to you... at some point...". Still waiting.

Jide Oyewole - 2022-05-14

Customer Service Person was rude and unhelpful

Nathan Owens-place - 2020-10-14

Absolutely useless....

David Mackay - 2023-02-15

Been shipping a lot of industrial machinery all over Australia. Tried TNT (now FedEx) Brisbane (Redbank Depot) several times a few years ago, we would drop the items to their depot, but there was always a problem with how it was packaged or strapped to the pallet, really nit picking stuff, and the receiving manager was an @ss. Several occasions they refused to accept it but we never had a problem with any of the other 8 or 9 carriers we use, especially Northline Freight across the road, they always take it and not had any damaged freight arrive to customers yet. Stopped using TNT/FedEx about a year or so ago, but thought we would try again to see if things had changed. I got there and mentioned our past woes to another staff member there who was nice but they said it wasn't any better, in fact it was worse since FedEx took over. Same receiving manager comes out to scrutinise the pallet, with the same authoritarian attitude he had every time we came last year. Think we are done with TNT/FedEx for good. Our business is growing but they will not be getting any more of our deliveries, Northline / HiTrans / Followmont / Jim Pearsons / Toll have friendly people and each can have a little more of our pie, even if/when TNT/FedEx might be cheaper for a particular destination.

Piotr Chromiec - 2022-04-14

Terrible Terrible service. Stay away from Fedex/ TNT. They never came! I was told I was not available while the delivery address is a business with open roller door with staff inside. They simply lied!

Franqui Stoschek - 2022-08-11

Absolute joke. This depot lost our freight (an easily identifiable 2m long pallet weighing half a tonne) and took them 3 weeks to locate it within their depot. After locating the pallet it has been impossible to get any information out of them whatsoever. All we want is to come pick up our goods.. it really shouldn’t be that hard yet I still have no answers