Toll Express, Perth Airport WA

😁Safe delivery, the driver is very polite, I do a lot of shopping online and I have never seen such g...
😡Yard staff no good treat

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Toll Express, Perth Airport WA
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Kingsford Smith Dr, Perth Airport WA, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone 1800-698-655
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Raquel Menezes - 2022-12-02

Safe delivery, the driver is very polite, I do a lot of shopping online and I have never seen such good service as this delivery guy.

Western Australia ਜਿੰਮੀਦਾਰਾ ਪੀ ਬੀ ੪੬ - 2023-01-10

Yard staff no good treat

Shane Ivic - 2022-06-01

Unclear direction, park here, park there, please move, hazard lights on, hazard lights off. Not the most pleasant experience. How about dedicating a staff member to accompany people who clearly don't frequent this establishment regularly especially when there are so many different rules to follow. I was approached by 4 different staff members during my pick up only to sternly chastise me for what I was doing wrong. Maybe if you had delivered the item to me as requested all of the issues could have been resolved.

Jay Singh - 2022-05-24

Worst service you could ever get from a logistics company. Rude drivers

Angus Butler-blaxell - 2022-01-10

Forkies are all goods but to the dude who told a few fellas not in hi vis off, try being nice or it’ll just come back on you. Regards

Paul Crone - 2021-07-16

The staff are full of self importance and have no manners. The geriatric man that drives around in the golf cart who resembles captain birdseye would be more suited in the Third Reich. If you want people to park in designated bays for pick ups maybe you should invest in repainting the lines on the floor so they are visible.

Dimi Wald - 2022-08-12

Shipment arrived 3 days after order from Brisbane but sat at toll for over a week in Perth before I had to ring up and ask what was going on with my order

Tats Floyd - 2022-03-01

Been here 3 times in the last 3 weeks with express loads and all 3 times it has taken them a minimum of 24hr befor they even open trailers and start taking the load off on this 3rd trip its been 36hr n im still waiting for them to start unloading trailers

S C - 2021-03-18

A wait of over 30min before a fork lift driver attended me in my vehicle. Absolutely some of the worst service, then given attitude for trying to ask for assistance

Jass Singh - 2019-11-21

Ground management needs to learn some more skills and time saver tactics. I think toll perth cannot work like as other states.

Peta Grundy - 2020-04-17

Worst experience ever

Griffin Glenister - 2017-08-18

As an ex-employee, this place sucks. Their care for your product isn't ideal, organisation is horrific and their care for their employees is beyond a joke. If you are injured and have to take time off work, don't tell them that you are injured, tell them that you are sick, otherwise you are going to lose your job. Don't give them anything fragile because it has a good chance of being damaged, especially if you give it to the mines department. Stick with someone else.

Grant Ruane - 2020-09-02

Great staff friendly and helpful

Julie Ginger - 2017-12-22

Was in when they 'apparently' tried to deliver a Christmas parcel! Given a number to call to arrange pickup.......near Perth Airport still waiting on hold 28minutes later, no way would I hang on this long but as it was promised delivery before Christmas it would be nice that I pick it up before then! Absolutely shocking service, will Not willingly use again

Pete C - 2020-04-08

Very slow and unhappy place.

Jace Richards - 2017-02-08

Shouldn't be allowed to be called express when you miss three delivery drop offs and refuse to update my address despite your company asking over and over and over without having ever fixed it up. Useless company, avoid at all costs and try arrange alternate services.

Zac Gomes - 2017-12-13

Business owners - Do not use this company if you want happy customers. I am a customer and awaiting a delivery. a) I received an email from Toll saying that the Due Date was the 12th. No delivery on the 12th or 13th. Not even a phone call, text or email. b) I called them up and they told me it wouldn't arrive until the 15th because I needed to give them 24 hours notice. I was never told that I needed to call them to arrange delivery. In fact, the email I received implied it would be delivered to my address. c) They can only deliver it during a time when someone can be home to help the driver unload the items. Granted, it is heavy, it does add to the inconvenience already experienced. And other delivery companies we've experienced have sent two people to bring it into the house. All I'd have to do is sign for the delivery. If you are a business owner, choose another company to do your deliveries.

Tara Kennedy - 2017-09-14

Waiting in the warehouse 20 mins to collect a delivery from site. Had to call the main switch number to get them to call warehouse to see if anyone was going to provide customer service so we could collect. Service person at front door said wait in bay for forklift to attend to you. Now 25 mins. Could understand if they were busy but alas no 😣 Care factor quite low I would suggest.

Lewis Bond - 2018-07-13

Why is it so difficult to pick up a parcel. Your web site is not user friendly.

Hayden Morgan - 2016-08-02

Got my package delivered to where it was suppose to be, a bit slow picking it up though.

王哈哈 - 2019-06-10

so bad trash

Mumen Rider - 2016-10-07

I ordered on Monday and needed my item before the weekend. Came when I wasn't home then when I tried to contact them was on hold forever. Very poor.

Mary Wallace - 2017-08-31

Do you pick up mobile scooter to come to Melbourne from Perth

Cmtequipment - 2013-11-06

2nd worst freight service in Australia behind TNT

Gurmeet Singh - 2019-10-18


Josh Liakishev - 2018-09-26


Jas Richards - 2020-11-10


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John King - 2017-10-23


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