Toll Air Express, Perth Airport WA

😁Great service, help and advice. Thank you.
😡worst company you could ever use.

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Toll Air Express, Perth Airport WA
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Boud Avenue, Perth Airport WA, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone 1800-698-655
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Glenn - 2022-08-03

Staff are great, the asset needs remodelling and updating.

John H - 2021-09-05

Great service, help and advice. Thank you.

Jay Singh - 2022-05-24

worst company you could ever use.

Thedude Dude - 2020-01-17

Absolutely the best service I have ever received from a freight company in my 10 years of said experience. Eager to help, quick, intelligent and friendly. They genuinely take a step above to help. To anyone reading this, take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. Other than that, fantastic experience.

Blunt Funk - 2020-09-24

Good blokes and service

Candice Hitchcock - 2019-11-06

Shocking. Apparently my parcel was STILL due five days ago according to the website. Tried to call but got through to an overseas call centre who couldn't tell me a thing. They also asked what was the item which I responded trampoline and they asked me again three times. I was apparent she didn't know what a trampoline is. Go figure.

Ronnie Stead-varns - 2019-09-06

One word.. Terrible!!! My courier fees were rising because of waiting/ unloading time at toll... Today I decided to take my pallet myself to the Perth airport depot.. I waited 15 minutes to get unloaded and the a further 40 minutes to get a signature.. My courier would have charged me an extra $80 waiting fee for that.. Absolute rubbish service!!!

Tim Bowles - 2017-01-05

Picked up our new puppy on a busy day, easy to find, smooth process, friendly helpful staff who went out of their way for us

Raymond Cini - 2020-03-09

Absolutely useless company tried 9 different numbers in both wa and Vic. No one picked up the phone. Back to TNT I go

Dave “slim” - 2018-12-20

No nonsense, walk in and talk to a real person. (Business customer)

Thomas Holden - 2018-06-28

Stores are very under trained. Plus they seem to be on a power trip. Trying to stop me picking up frieght because couldnt swap a chep pallet. And they had never heard of a chep transfer book. Had to promise the world and cause mysel extra 2 hrs work. Becsuse of thier incompotance.

Stevo - 2018-10-12

Worst shipping company ever

Gina Motiano - 2019-08-10


Aj Rankin (h3xx) - 2019-02-01

Quick and easy

Bill Bilton - 2018-04-17


Mohammad Ali - 2017-09-01


Rodney Prouse - 2017-12-19


Aneska V - 2019-11-26


Mayura Miyuraj - 2022-06-12


Smartways Driver - 2021-12-16


Brad Monk - 2020-07-15


Craig Sims - 2022-11-05


Navpreet Gill - 2020-08-27