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😁Very positive and leadership oriented organisation
😡I have had packages for them sitting in the warehouse waiting to be shipped for over ten days at a t...

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DHL eCommerce Australia, Matraville NSW
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Address Military Road, Matraville NSW, Australia
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Telephone +61 37 0356818
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Adam Mclardy - 2023-06-15

I have had packages for them sitting in the warehouse waiting to be shipped for over ten days at a time. And when you call customer support even during the daytime you get an automated message saying you have called out of hrs and get hung up on

Surya Kumar - 2022-10-10

Very positive and leadership oriented organisation

T0rxe - 2023-04-04

Horrible customer service and poor service in general. Been using them for several years and have nothing by but problems with them.

All You Can Beat - 2022-10-15

I dont understand how this company can still be in business.

David Parker - 2022-07-27

The worst service I have been provided by a courier company ever. Rude, unhelpful and kept referring me to there departments.

Manuela Zoricic - 2022-11-26

Very helpfully staff always do the best they can to help. At times when I'm out and receive a sms stating that my parcel is arriving on the day I just call them back the consultants will get in touch with the driver and advise them of the time I will be home to accept the delivery. Helped me with lost packages as well.

Cristian Gadea - 2021-09-03


Tanya Botes - 2023-02-03

Do not choose this option when purchasing from over seas! They use incompetent local companies once it reaches AU. My package, destined for a suburb in Brisbane, landed in Brisbane, Sent to Sydney, Then Melbourne, different location in Melbourne, back again.... suffice it to say, It is still traveling between these cities for over a month now! Had to change the destination 2 weeks ago and it still travelling at intervals! Worst experience ever!

Annie Mackay - 2022-08-02

An Australian domestic shipment - lost the goods. As if that wasn't bad enough, rude & no service when I provided them with shipper's DHL tracking number, saying it was incorrect. It was not. Stuff happens but rude & disinterested when I tried to resolve. No stars would be more appropriate. Shipper replacing goods.

James Shrestha - 2021-03-17

Very poor management, unfriendly staff and bad customer service. Goods were unorganised, whole warehouse was bad and messy, goods weren’t delivered on time, high charges but cheap quality service. I would recommend not to use this company for logistics purpose, never and ever. Whole management and warehouse staff are totally unorganised and careless. Worst company ever to send goods and services.

John Tilbrook - 2021-04-27

Stylish restaurant service.

Anthony Hurst - 2020-03-08

What a shockingly bad company. Avoid them at all costs, they are completely useless. 40+ days to arrive from US and it still hasn’t arrived. There “tracker” says in transit from the US but it’s been like that for 3 weeks. Can’t get through to them. They are THE WORST!

Derek Manley - 2021-02-11

Unlike regular DHL the eCommerce division is appalling.. Customer Service is non existing and their invoicing is the worst I have ever experienced in my entire business life.

Janicein Liem - 2020-08-26

Driver can't be bothered to deliver package to specified address. Lied about buzzing the intercom. I was working from home all day. Called customer service who actually defends the lie?? Saying my intercom must not be working?? Had my husband ring it just so they can hear that it is working just fine. Refused to re-deliver on the same day, despite the fact that their driver is only delivering packages around the area and the drop off point is not too far away. I can't pick up as I don't drive and need to actually work to get paid, unlike their customer service and drivers. This is not an isolated incident. Same situation has happened multiple times in the past. I've never, to date, got any package properly delivered to my apartment by DHL and I've bought a lot of online goods. Will double check the shipping company used by businesses from now on and will never buy from any company that uses DHL.

Scott Walley - 2021-12-30

Package shipped from the States 2 months ago. Touched down in Melbourne on the 1st of December, where it sat for 2 weeks (ok, covid I guess?!) before being sent to Sydney for "processing", which raises the questions (A) what was it doing in Melbourne for 2 weeks? (B) Why was it sent to Sydney? My delivery address is 2.5 hours drive out of Melbourne! To further rub salt in the wound, there has been ZERO communication from DHL eCommerce - No further tracking updates since they supposedly "completed processing" on the 14th December, nor have DHL responded to any attempt to contact them via online form, or by email. The 2 attempts to contact them have resulted in no-one answering the phone! This is the 3rd bad delivery experience with DHL (the 1st was sent to the wrong address, and the 2nd arrived damaged.) I will not be shipping anything through DHL in future. UPDATE: 30/12/21 - I have finally received a status update, to say that my package had been delivered... to a location 217km from where it was supposed to go!! Please explain to me how "Learmonth" sounds even vaguely similar to "Kyabram" !!! GAH!!!! >:(

Carolyn K - 2021-06-23

Enquired on 10/5 to open an account or get some sort of information to me in regards to using DHL ecommerce for my business. Finally had an email on the 9/6 that they received my enquiry "and we will call you shortly" they called left no message then didn't follow up till 21/6 they asked if it was a good time - it wasnt i explained that to them no and asked them to call back after 3pm that day, no call back, they call again today 23/6 at the same time as the previous call once again not able to answer because I asked them to call back after 3pm. Then I received an email saying they would close the enquiry because I had not responded. I emailed a response to let them know I have been waiting a month for this call back, and not to close my enquiry. Also to please call back at 3pm when I was free - Again no call back and no response to my email. Very unprofessional and I believe they need to looking to their customer service practices, If i treated a potential customer like this big or small, I would lose the business! Ive given you my details and again I am asking for a call back after 3pm any day, you can not tell me in this day and age a call center operator or supervisor can not make a simple call. Happy to discuss your issues with customer service or even see if you can even help my business. But I may as well just string you around and go through a better more reliable company that wants the business

Cjay Rich - 2020-09-05

I can order an item from an international seller & have it arrive in the country within a week or 2. Unfortunately, it then sits in a DHL DC for a month or more before it gets forwarded to me. I will no longer purchase items from any seller who use DHL.

Catherine - 2020-05-29

Absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. They do not look after their business customers. I posted 4 parcels to China using their tracked service in January and the tracking shows that they never left Sydney. I have been emailing them now for 5 months and they still have not provided any sort of help or compensation. As a small business, these missing packages were a huge hit to me, having to replace over $1000 worth of product and I resent it with Australia Post which was far superior (which is saying something). Extremely dissatisfied with their service to business customers.

Max Mullen - 2020-10-09

Worst delivery company ever, avoid at all costs!

Alex G - 2020-04-19

The worsted experiences I had in my life in my entire business carrier. These people picked up my parcels. kept them at their warehouse for 3 weeks. my customers cancelled their orders. left me negative feedback and there is no response from DHL ecommerce customer service till now. the destination countries were not in restriction list. It was NZ!!. can someone call me and explain what happened to my parcels? AVOID AVOID AVOID they are nightmare. I will take them to court

Filipe M. - 2022-03-02


Celia Macedo - 2021-06-17

DHL says that they're the global leader in the logistics industry specializing in international shipping. However, once I experienced a huge delay... there is no logistics at all! I've BOOKED to RECEIVE my parcel and I took the day off from work hoping to get it by the end of the day as it says on the website and to my disappointment, it is not accurate, not factual! Nevertheless, I spoke to ASHIKA ARTI who works at this company and she said that there's nothing that the DHL company can do for me. In short, the company DHL overcharge for their services lie to the customers and for sure is not reliable as well. Very disappointed!

Alyssa Salvo - 2020-07-20

This company does not care for their business customers in the slightest. Over 50 parcels lost/undelivered, I had to refund thousands of dollars to customers plus they had the hide to charge me double the price in shipping costs due to 'emergency surcharges' throughout COVID even though the parcels we shipped with them are still yet to be delivered after 4 months of being stuck in transit. Avoid at all costs. I have reported them to Fair Trading. They are a horrible company, when I asked for a reduction in my bill to compensate for all the money and customers I had lost solely due to their service they threatened me saying if I don't pay my bills they will put a default against my ABN but the only reason I hadn't paid was because I had asked for the invoices to be looked at again and all the extra charges explained to me which they completely ignored my requests and simply kept threatening me. So many of their extra charges didn't add up and each person I finally managed to get a hold of just shifted the blame on to another person in their company stating things like 'their hopeless' about their own team members in different departments! So unprofessional. If you are a small business like we are please avoid DHL eCommerce, they do not care if they ruin your business. They just kept asking for money and completely failed to provide the overpriced service they charge me for. We made sure to switch shipping providers ASAP but unfortunately had already lost thousands of dollars due to DHL eCommerce that we were unable to recover.

Atara Posner - 2021-02-03

Useless business. Every customer service person gives me different information. My parcel has been in transit for three months. Some tell me its in transit and some that it's lost. I understand that due to covid international deliveries are delayed and difficult but customer service is so unhelpful

Sia George - 2021-01-09

They are the best

Signal Chain - 2020-08-05

The worst courier service. I have a valuable parcel for a customer overseas that has been stuck in Melbourne for over a month, and no way of getting through to get information as the call centre keep timings out and it automatically times out. I usually use UPS, and will avoid using DHL eCommerce at all costs from this point forward.

Andy Warwick - 2020-10-01

DHL item purchased on EBay travelled through various towns in US Midwest over 3 week period before lobbing in Kentucky then back to Melrose Park. DHL shipped ex US and arrived in country Australia on 14 Sep where it has stayed. Sent web-based enquiry which was ignored. Left it for another week and did another web based complaint this time which generated a response to the effect that it was out of their hands as it was probably in customs backlog and no delivery date could be given. It would be handed to Australia Post for delivery and gave a tracking number. On Aust. Post tracking showed item was in US after export clearance and awaiting shipment. I've given up.

Jules Lorraine - 2019-05-27

Tracking number led to delivery in Narrangba. After a bit of research I finally found out that it was at Narrangba PO 20 klms from my place! At no time was I informed that it was at the post office. Not good enough.

Allie Hilmer - 2020-01-07

The worst experience. Parcel not delivered. Hand balled responsibility to the local post. Sent me chasing parcel to the local post. If you can avoid dealing with DHL, AVOID! use others!

Sharyn Albrecht - 2020-09-21

1 star is 1 too many for this company. I've been waiting for a parcel from Thailand for nearly 2 months now. Although I realise it would take a while, the customer service is appaling. I have sent 5 emails through the customer service page, once its sent, it says someone will be in contact with me shortly. 4 weeks later, not one phone call or email. I rang them 3 times, only to be given numbers to call for someone to help me. These phone numbers were not even connected! Never again will I use DHL, $300 of goods are floating around somewhere in the world. When I tracked it, first it says arrived in Perth on 26th August, now it says its somewhere in Singapore!!!! Seriously, don't waste ur time or money sending things through this company, I'll only be disappointed. By the looks of other reviews, it's a waste of time even leaving a review as they don't answer them either.

Holly Murphy - 2019-07-14

Literally sitting beside my front door when I get an email saying my parcel couldn't be delivered five minutes earlier. This happens every time I am forced to use DHL. Don't bother ringing them because the phone service is so bad. I would give no stars if I could.

Charles Lark - 2020-04-21

Uncertain if DHL eCommerce Australia is still an operating company. Their phone line has been effectively cut off, zero response to numerous emails, affiliate DHL companies (eg DHL Australia) refuse to answer is eCommerce is still functioning and deliveries have now stopped mid shipment for a month. It now appears to be a failed entity. Avoid at all costs.

Howard Liu - 2019-11-27

The reason why i gave one star is because there is no option for zero star. DHL should be out of business tomorrow. The ride snail to deliver things. They have been late for four days.

P A - 2020-10-14

Worst company and biggest liars. We stopped using global mail here in sydney Australia because they quite simply let us down in a big way and after using and supporting them for over 4 years we feel scammed out of our money. Do not use any service global mail or dhl ecommerce offer you. Using DHL ecommerce global as a seller your customers will hate you and never buy from you again, and as a buyer from a site that offers this freight product you will probabaly never see your purchase. CAVEAT EMPTOR! You've been warned.

Wayne Eckersley - 2020-04-02

If I could give zero stars I would, It seems delivery of an item is an optional extra at DHL eCommerce's discretion. Despite seeing the van drive past my house twice the items keep getting returned to depot as an undelivered item. 2 Shipments in the past month have been like this. In addion the DHL eCommerce phone line option to speek to a customer service representative does not work Seems they don't want you calling them about thier bad service. You should avoid using this service under all circumstances.

Chloe Heaver - 2018-07-25

The WORST company I have ever dealt with. Lost multiple shipments and put my company at a loss. No words for the service of this terrible company and staff are careless and slow.

Meaghan Hill - 2018-11-05

Extremely unhelpful, they cant find my package (has taken over three weeks) but yet somehow are able to supply me with a tracking number THAT IS USELESS IF THE TRACKING NUMBER JUST SAYS EN ROUTE EVERYDAY YET NO ONE CAN TELL ME WHY ITS TAKING THREE WEEKS. The man I spoke with on the phone was extremely rude, short and didn't care to resolve any of the issues. Its so hard to understand anyone that works there and the man was mumbling half of his sentences. Would hate to be the owner of this place. Your staff don't care about helping, when I said I would never use them again the man just said okay. How bloody disgusting. Its been a month since I ordered my sisters wedding gift and now 3 weeks in transit is just unacceptable.

Jackie Zhao - 2019-05-22

The Worse service ever had. Driver don't want to delivery on the day which I rebooking with DHL Center. He called me and said best way is I pick it up myself, he does not know when the parcel would be delivered on the day. I told him I only had Wednesday free, I would waiting him for whole day. Until Wed afternoon, driver called me, he cannot make it and parcel would be delivery on next Day. Does he think only he has a job, others would stay at home all the times and waiting for the parcel delivering. I called the center again, the operater are.very rude and she does not care about what happened, She just asked me to choose delivery on next time or I pick it myself. She does not care how much my time had been wasted. Also she said I could complain it on webesit. How bad the customer service, how careless about their customers. I will never use DHL again and I will suggest all people around me to choose other cruise service. Really a bad experience.

Morefun Group - 2019-05-06

Worst service ever had , cost us with the most expensive air delivery , what we received is even slower then sea shipping. And get excessive charge.

Song Karen - 2020-06-22

WORST DHL services ever in Australia, the phone is not working !

Rebecca Manning - 2019-01-24

Disgusting customer service. Lost a parcel and refuse to raise an investigation

Sunil Kumar - 2019-01-25

Terrible customer service. Shipment not delivered even after one month, not responding to emails.

Michael May - 2019-06-03

I have received 2 emails both stating a driver 'attempted delivery'. Both occasions I have been home and both occasions not a letter was left in the letterbox. I have since called DHL and their incredibly bad customer service team then could not find either parcel. Weeks later, still waiting. Avoid at all costs.

John Mcdonough - 2018-09-02

Terrible. ....Courier claimed attempted delivery at 8.10am on Friday 31st August 2018. All occupants of the house were home, together with 4 chihuahuas, who are fearsome watchdogs. No one came to the house .

Doris Xu - 2018-07-04

Worse delivery service in AUSTRALIA, customer service phone number doesn’t work. When I finally reach their onshore team, they just told us to keep calling the numbers that doesn’t work! What a joke!

Frances Woodfield - 2018-01-03

Parcel left Canada on 3rd December, was advised 11 working days for delivery and its now 3rd January. Phoned DHL and they told me it should have been delivered and it's taken far too long but to phone back in another 10 working days to track the parcel. I don't find this very acceptable. Don't promise something you can't fulfil and then do nothing about tracking the parcel.

Govin Baboo - 2019-06-10

Very much. I like!

Francis - 2019-09-24

probably the worst delivery service

Aspi - 2018-02-07

Good people

Vladimir Poshevelya - 2018-08-29