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😁Great service
😡Absolute dumpster fire of a company.

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FedEx Station, Matraville NSW
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Military Road, Matraville NSW, Australia
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Telephone +61132610
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Michael Russell - 2020-08-31

Absolute dumpster fire of a company.

Louis - 2020-09-04

Great service

Paul Smithpaulsmith - 2021-09-28

Good freight east loading. Great people

Breanna Mules (styledbybreanna) - 2023-04-25

If I could give them a 0 star review I would. I run an online business and each time they delay my package by at least 2 weeks. I've wasted FULL days waiting around for my parcel that never comes and the delivery driver always says he has attempted to drop it off when I know he hasn't. I call customer service and each time, each worker has a different excuse and say it's out of their hands and they will try their best. Why am I paying for a service they cant even provide properly? They are by far the WORST courier company I have ever dealt with. "Fast and reliable delivery" is by far the most ridiculous claim ever.

Itskuruptstunts - 2023-02-11

As a customer having already paid for a product and a delivery service being FedEx you have no rights whatsoever after you have paid the money they do what they want with your sht, very angry. Awaiting a motorcycle part that I need to be able to work, without the part I cannot ride the bike meaning I cannot work. I’ve canceled a weeks worth of bookings so who’s going to pay for my losses ?!!

Garry Lutherborrow - 2021-07-18

Great bunch of people to deal with

Alex Khoury - 2022-04-08

worst courier company, dont deal with them, avoid them rubbish experience

Amer Alanati - 2021-09-01

Impossible to contact weeks of delay with no update. Very frustrating

John Fordham - 2022-01-03

Absolutely hopeless. Impossible to contact them to follow up delivery. Never answer phone; left on hold for ever.

Trent - 2022-12-15

Just avoid. Hopeless shipping network

Dhruv Gupta - 2021-06-09

The definition of pathetic and FedEx Australia is absolutely same.

Wayan Jannik - 2021-07-14

Excellent. Arrive on time and the delivery man was so nice. Thank you for the service.

Mark Topple - 2022-11-24

TNT seemed to have a better handle so much better especially when being able to speak with someone here in Australia, within seconds of ringing. I have been on hold for an hour at a time trying to speak to FEDEX staff with regards to International Shipments. Just not good enough.

Parash Kc - 2021-08-18

Worst experience ever delayed and delayed.. still haven’t received my items

Rinat Baianov - 2022-02-21

Worst company to deal with. Atrocious incompetent customer service. Where do they find these people

Mac Clarke - 2021-09-07

Absolute joke of a company. DHL provided the same service within 3 days from America. You have taken 3 weeks and still counting

Craig Waterworth - 2023-01-22

This should be minus 1 .don't know how they stay in business worst service I've ever experienced .no communication and pitiful delay

Sia George - 2021-01-08

Best service ever much nicer than DHL.

Gu Yiqian - 2021-02-17

It's so ridiculous that the package didn't even leave the place of delivery, it just made a circle. Stay away from this toxic garbage company

Naresh Mamidi - 2022-02-28

Really a bad experience, will never use it.

Swapna Namjoshi - 2021-08-30

Delivery delayed for more than 4 days and no information available on tracking. Absolutely annoying.

Alaa Abdelhaleem - 2022-10-27

Worst customer experience and they delay the shipments for false reasons!

Morri - 2023-01-17

rather than phone fedex, we dropped in since we live around the corner - the staff member on duty was amazing. the organisation who i was returning my goods to had sent incomplete/incorrect stickers, but the staff member was knowledgable and very helpful. and, my package arrive! so you know he does good work! thanks

Samay - 2021-09-13

Absolutely pathetic. They have 'Express' in their name but clearly unable to delivery anything in an express manner. Useless customer support as well.

James Pottingham - 2021-09-04


Arth - 2021-08-31

Terrible, delayed a delivery at the last minute by 1 week

David (onceuponadavid) - 2021-09-14

Fri 10/9 - Onboard for delivery Mon 13/9 - Item lost - Investigation started Tues 14/9 - Item onboard for delivery Tues 14/9 3:30pm Item delivered Tues 14/9 5:21pm Item returned to depot. ABSOLUTELY USELESS!!!!!!!

Gunner Gunner - 2022-01-15

Delivery driver don’t take their job seriously as they never deliver to customer address, and we have to pick up from collection points they don’t brother to drop “Sorry We Missed You Card”. My parcel was supposed to be delivered, but instead it is being held for pick up and I got email saying “Your shipment has been re-routed to a local TNT location and is ready to be picked up at your earliest convenience. ”. They were supposed to deliver to my address, but it was mentioned nobody was at home in TNT website, but I was at home waiting for parcel. If they genuinely tried to deliver that item they should have dropped “Sorry We Missed You Card” in my letter box along with address and information to pick up but unfortunately, they didn’t drop any such card because of which I need to call and spend next 1 hrs trying to find out about pickup location. Which indicates that they never tried to deliver that item to my location and directly send to some collection points as always. They don’t take their job seriously as they never deliver to customer address, and we have to pick up from collection points.

Irene K Tuza - 2022-11-13

Iam still waiting on a mystery parcel

Sai Ram - 2023-01-18

nov 26 parcel sent from overseas,still till i havent recieved my parcel yet till date jan 18. There is no proper response very bad experience

Mills J - 2023-01-16

Lost my package and not helpful with finding

Mohammed Yazeed - 2021-09-04

Very poor service, my item is sitting there for 13 days now, with covid given as excuse. It says express service but i think parcel would reach me faster on horseback

Toney Teddy Fernandez - 2021-03-18

The shipment arrived in Sydney on Sunday, March 14, 2021. Today is March 18th and still not delivered. Every single day till today they find time to update the status says "Package not due for delivery". Please see the photo attached.

Getstack2 - 2021-09-07

My package has been sitting there for 2.5 weeks, called them so many times yet they aren't doing anything? Wth?

Alicia Newton - 2021-06-23

poor service, the delivery person maintained they tried yet didn't and had CCTV footage to prove. would not recommend

Braulio Frateschi Trivellato - 2022-10-04

worst delivery service I have ever used. they delayed the deliver of a simple envelope by more than 4 weeks, I called their centre confirmed my details and requested a deliver ASAP. they never contacted me after that. a week latter when I called again the person on the phone said it wasnt her fault that I need to speak with the person I spoke before and also said it was my fault because it is my parcel and if I didnt get the deliver I was the one that should call them back. honestly if you have any other option DO NOT DO WITH FEDEX Australian post office has provided a way better service to me at least. AVOID FEDEX

Cheng Li - 2021-06-21

Expensive Only deliver on weekdays No redirection or unbelievable surcharge Customer service: won't help it's up to you Me: who's the customer? Do I own you anything, Fedex?

Adam Dodd - 2021-11-11

Helpful and courteous staff

Scary Spook - 2022-02-01

FedEx is a joke atm. 130$ for shipping and it's still in Matraville for 5 days transit

Xi Lan - 2021-09-14

It is the worst one I ever have experienced. Why this company still running? It just keep saying ‘delay beyond our control’ for the last 12 days. And no customer service at all. COVID would not be the excuse for this kind of service. btw, 0 star will be given for sure!

Matthew Said - 2021-10-08

I have no words to describe just how poor the service and organisation at fedex is, my packages are constantly delayed and the customer service representatives can barely speak english and are the ones that can are never any help they always say they will call back and never do. I honestly cannot believe this organisation is still in business it is just terrible

Paul Wapshott - 2020-09-28

The worst service ive experienced , currently on hold and have waited 51 minutes with no response still. I cant understand how they are still in business. If there was an option i wouldn't give them 1 star.

Steve C.h Jang - 2023-06-28

1 star seems overrated

Bryan Hillman - 2021-12-03

Parcel is in depo 20 mins away from my house and I have been waiting over a week for delivery

Samuel - 2021-09-29

Where the @#$% is my parcel?

Kamal Taha - 2020-10-29

Worst experience ever told my seller that it will take 4 days for the item to be delivered it’s been 12 days still haven’t heard from them how does a big company like this be like that do they have monkeys working for them, and the customer service is just as bad as their not on time deliveries I would never ever recommend fedex at all I have sent with DHL best company ever stay away from Fedex everyone

Amy Sun - 2020-08-05

For 3 whole days, they kept updating my order status as "to be delivered by 17:00 today) and each day, nothing. Now the status is showing that they tried to deliver but no one was home (which is not true. I'm home 24/7). The advice was to refer to the Door Tag for pickup at the depot (which I never received). So now I don't know where my parcel is. Tried to call the customer service guys but was on hold for 30+min. Not helpful at all.

Erick Erick - 2021-11-29

I have no issue before with Fedex. However, this time it is very hard to reach their customer service, been on hold for more than 30 mins and still no one picking up the phone. Honestly, this is so so lame for a customer service. Cant believe.

Jordan D'souza - 2020-11-23

deliberately delivered somewhere else (thats logged in the tracking) and has the received by as "refer to image" on which there is no image to refer to.

Orion - 2020-10-30

Nothing but terrible experiences with FedEx. First time it took 3 weeks to arrive from approximately 10 minutes away. Second time FedEx said the parcel was delivered and it was not.