Toll Perth Distribution & Depot Centre, Hazelmere WA

😁Love the young lady that was working their as this was my 1st of many visits to come , wish I got he...
😡Was at home all day, no card left, door was not rung. This company is a joke. Instead see below. "W...

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Toll Perth Distribution & Depot Centre, Hazelmere WA
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Bushmead Road, Hazelmere WA, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone 1800-698-655
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Siamak Saberi - 2022-12-19

Was at home all day, no card left, door was not rung. This company is a joke. Instead see below. "We have attempted to deliver your item and have left a 'sorry we missed you' card. the 'sorry we missed you' card will advise you of your options. please contact our customer service team for assistance."

Faye Richardson - 2022-11-24

Sat by the door all day and waited for the parcel which Toll have had now for nearly 4 weeks with no reason or information on why they weren’t delivering. I called the customer service number ahead that morning after I learned myself on the tracking app it was out for delivery and gave them authority to leave, as I was scared I couldn’t get to the door quick enough as I have a chronically ill baby. They assured me (and gave me a reference number) that it would be left at my door if i didn’t not answer. I kept checking the tracking whilst looking at my front door (it’s glass I can see through it) to learn they had “attempted delivery”…. Checked my cctv camera and despite having 2 cars on the drive the delivery driver got out and posted a card in my mailbox WITHOUT EVEN COMING DOWN MY DRIVEWAY TO THE DOOR TO ATTEMPT DELIVERY!!!! Absolutely shocking, still waiting on the items to be delivered and hold no hope I will receive them $3000 down the drain and the worst delivery service I have ever encountered. ZERO STARS!!!

哼哼 - 2022-08-29

I want to know why he lost my parcel and gave it to others casually in a perfunctory manner. How did this kind of company survive to the end of today? I want to ask my friends if they have found your lost courier and How did you find it

Michael Grace - 2022-12-10

Absolutely horrendous. Lied about parcel being held up due to NSW floods (it was in Perth) lost the parcel and had me describe to box to help find it. Lied about refused delivery (I have security camera and they never showed) No communication and I eventually had to drive out to the depot and collect it myself. Amateurs.

Sevy Asul - 2022-03-30

Poor service. Do not recommend to use this service. If I can give them 0 stars, I would've. Disappointing.

Marisa Bozanich - 2022-06-24

Got a “sorry we missed you” card in the mail but I am home and have been all day and no one knocked on my door! Paid extra for delivery for this and all the help I got was a call centre (not in Australia) that said there was nothing they could do for me, and delivery would be next business day which is next week. Not good enough. Toll has gone down hill big time. No local number to call, just over seas call centre which is hopeless. Very angry customer. Disgusting service, if you could call it that.

Paratene John (p.jay) - 2022-08-04

Love the young lady that was working their as this was my 1st of many visits to come , wish I got her name so I could have POSTED here , she was very helpful n respectful as I didn't know what n where I was going thank you young lady for being so polite understanding n patience with me I even parked a few carparks away n she pointed out where I'm allowed to park that was like 2 metres away not the 10+ metres away I parked N Clem u the man bro see u tomorrow cuz

Gemma Gard - 2022-05-13

The WORST courier company to deal with. Will be contact Kogan about the shocking services. Told the package will be delivered that day waited and waited. Go out to get the kids and guess what. He calls and tells me he can't wait for someone to come and collect it for me 5/10 minutes but can pick up tomorrow. When I said that's Saturday so you'll be open he states yes. Said i said well I guess that fine Only to find out they aren't open on Saturday. I ring the depot 20 minutes later to state they need to re-deliver it as he would still be in the area and I am now there only to tell me its magically now back at the warehouse. HOW ? When I questioned this they said they can not come back because they have other people to disappoint. So asked to speak to complaints only to be told they conveniently don't have a complaints department. AVOID THIS USELESS COMPANY!!!

Minnie Yap - 2022-04-20

I have an awful experience with Toll, never again. Do not recommend

Slade Hutcheson - 2021-11-04

Lost my package for my business. No idea where it is. Put me on hold time and time again with no contact. Still waiting on something to happen...anything from them would be good!

Chris Freeman - 2022-05-11

Unprofessional indian drivers ruining the reputation for toll.

Andrew Cumming - 2021-12-09

terrible. Been stuck at warehouse for ages. Can’t get answers from customer service due to lack of knowledge and English. Probably will destroy everyone’s Christmas

Mick Ryan - 2022-10-25

Very cheap diesel make sure you fill up here behind heading West up to 80c a litre cheaper for diesel .

Sirus Mc Sirini - 2022-01-17

I strongly advise everyone and every business against using their services because: 1. Their system is faulty 2. Major unexplained and unreasonable delays 3. Extremely poor customer service via phone and email 4. Their employees and drivers are not trustworthy.. simply thieves 5. Lack of communication within their business 6. Their only job is to deliver and they cannot do it 😤 I had to pick it up myself. Mules are smarter and faster to deliver

Nathan Morgan - 2022-04-13

Don't even bother coming to the door. Was working at home all of the nominated delivery day and nothing. Not even a knock or a we missed you card. Just pass poor performance

Carey Webb - 2022-05-13

Had a failed delivery on 10th May 2022 ( was at work as most people are ) for a simple 30cm phone cable , left calling card saying pick up at collection point but no address for collection point . Rang Toll and gave every possible detail about myself and parcel and told dont know where its gone will get back to you . Put online " wheres my parcel " on 11th May and got sms 12th May saying will be contacted by 17.00hrs on 13th May with details , Alas no contact . WHERE IS MY PARCEL TOLL ????????? USELESS .

Greg Kerr - 2021-10-14

Great communication and service with a smile - hard to find these days....well done Toll.

Reece Bombardieri - 2022-04-07

What a JOKE of a company they deliver one box out of 3 then tell me they are looking into 3 times over and I find they are just sending emails and reminders to the people they need to speak to yet are UNABLE to give me a number of the perth depot where my package actually is! I will be driving there today to speak to someone. FED UP

Des Hawkins - 2022-04-12

Work customer service I have ever had. 2 weeks trying to find why my package hasn’t left their depot. Nothing but run around and no response. Digraceful

Melvin Ronaldo - 2021-11-02

Please do not use Toll as your delivery centers, just literally watched the driver get down their vehicle, drop the card in my mail box and drove off. Didnt even walk to my door when I am just right in front of the window by my front door. Well done on being as lazy as you can or finishing your job as early as you can! And like the drivers say, if the customers are impatient, they can drive down to the depot to collect their parcel. Kudos on being a delivery center for having customers doing that. And I just love google is only able to put 1-5 stars for a review because I would love to not put any stars for anything for them.

Nav Kaur - 2022-02-08

I didn’t receive parcel , it has been out for delivery on 21 jan and still not delivered. and I call toll office they are saying first attempt unable to find house and on second time reason that no one at home . On third time I was at home full day just because of the delivery will come today. But no delivery has been made . Very disappointed with the service. Don’t know why they are not doing work properly. Also not updating the tracking online .

Kathleen Roberts - 2021-11-16

The lady rang me to say they couldn't deliver my parcel because I had to "SIGN" for it, so I arranged another day, driver arrived personality of an ant, left the parcel at the door, said to me "Name", and I said I have to sign don't I, he said NOPE, got in his truck and drove off, no please or thankyou, what an arrogant person.

Adriana Poes - 2021-12-01

the worst shipping company... The guy left the card without knocking on the door of my house.. they just got out of the car and left the card in the mailbox.. that's it ...... Terrible service.

Yoel Budianto - 2022-02-02

I also took a day off, live in an apartment complex as they don't inform you a specific time or even timeframe. The driver didn't even call and just left a card. You cannot say you attempted delivery when you haven't even attempted. Called customer service and no help. Only said they can reschedule to another day.. and I said I cannot lose another day off work without guarantee the driver wouldn't do the same exact thing.

Caltek Fabrication - 2022-12-31

Prompt and efficient

Cameron Smith - 2022-02-21

After paying for express postage, organising delievery through frieght companies and getting my 1000x700x750 60kg $6k freight sent from VIC, it arrived at this depot 24hrs later... only to be 'misplaced' by their staff. After 8 days now of continuous questioning, back and forth phone calls with the carriers we are both unable to get in contact with this 'company'. How not to run a business people, after looking at the reviews it seems i'll have to drive the 500km to Perth to pick it up myself as I wont be leaving without my freight

Michael Hill - 2021-11-22

I note the overall rating for Toll is 2.1; low but probably not low enough. I was promised delivery on 19 November, as you'd expect, that didn't happen. No note was left. The only way I found out "Delivery had been attempted" was by following the tracking on the Toll website. At the time the website indicated the attempted delivery, I was standing in the kitchen two metres away from the door. If I'm to be charitable, the driver visited the wrong address..I rang Toll and advised a second delivery would be attempted that day. Three days passed with numerous phone calls and promises. I rang again today to arrange a pick up from their depot; the "customer service" person I spoke to said he would log a job but couldn't or wouldn't give me the depot's phone number. Apparently they have to check if the package is there! I've been told I will receive an SMS when I can pick up but I don't hold out any hope. This isn't the first time I've suffered Toll's malicious incompetence. If you're a commercial customer, I suggest you try another freight company if you want your customers to have a good experience.

Simon Barr - 2022-08-26

Do NOT use this company. Absolutely pathetic service. Their idea of Road Express from Melbourne to Perth, is to go via Sydney. An extra 1700 klms.

Sam Morris - 2021-09-13

Somehow Toll managed to lose a half tonne bulka bag containing rc drill samples, these samples cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain. Tolls little mishap may have sent our company bankrupt.

Brandon Hine - 2021-07-12

Ive had a package "waiting to be scanned" for over 2 weeks now. Ive called soo many times and they just answer with round about answers that dont actaully help the situation at all. Has been nothing but a headache with these lost packages

Sepehr Mn - 2021-09-01

The driver didn’t ring the bell just left the missed you note. Now I have to drive all the way there to pickup my parcel.

Ted Wong - 2021-07-16

Without fail, every time I am meant to have a parcel delivered they DO NOT knock, and instantly write up the 'sorry we missed you' card, even though I am home. Then I have to take more time off on top of the time off I took to receive the parcel, to pick up the parcel myself! Shocking.

Deanna Koh - 2021-09-21

There’s a doorbell there for a reason. I was home. Ring the doorbell! Sorry we missed you card. Now I have to drive all the way! Not good enough! How is this business still in operation? So many of the same complaints and the owners turn a blind eye🤯😡😡😡😡

Rapid Response Pressure Cleaning - 2022-02-02

Have had my shipment at the Depot for 2 weeks and it still hasn’t been put on a truck. Be escalated (eg handballed) but still no response. Extremely poor service.

Tony Beckwith - 2021-11-11

Got my item. Follow steps on the letterbox drop, and your parcel awaits you

Simon Brammer - 2021-02-20

Friendly service but the depot was understaffed to process multiple customers at once. The man served 5 people before being able to run off and collect everyone’s deliveries leading to 45 minute wait from arrival to getting my delivery

Ferris Buell R - 2021-11-01

Thank you for the fast and efficient service

Peter Walton - 2021-09-28

There should be negative star options. Shocking performance: Card left even though I was at home at the time. Consignment number incorrectly written on the card left, which meant that I could not do anything when I logged onto the nominated web site; "number not recognised". Tried to ring Toll Depot, but got recorded message that the number is disconnected. Then rang the 1300 number and 22 minutes later was advised that the parcel would be left at a nearby collection point and I would be sent an SMS when there... the point is that the collection point is in the SAME suburb as the delivery address: why did the card left simply say that?!

Marilyn Corderoy - 2021-07-12

The most disgraceful delivery service ever. The two men delivery people turned up three hours later than nominated and the fridge would not go through the door by about two centremetres I asked that the packaging was removed so that it would fit but because I had not paid the extra cost for premium delivery was told the would not do it. I asked them to wait five minutes and I would call the company and pay the extra but was told they were not prepared to wait and that they were off. I am 78 years old and virtually begged them to just wait a few minutes but they would not. Toll you are a dis grace to not give your staff clear instruction to be civil

Noeline Sophia Duarte - 2021-11-11

I have never in my life experienced such incompetent business ever the delivery man literally just dropped of a consignment note for me to pick up my parcel on the other side of Perth! Never ever use them! Their service is 0 or shall I say nothing!

Max Max - 2021-07-27

Absolutely, disgusting and disgraceful service. Call centre in Philippines, lie after lie re delivery. Zero customer service, nobody in Perth to contact. Was on the phone for 1.5 hours, got hung up on, couldn’t find a manager, then proceeded to tell me my text message TOLL sent me was wrong. I took a day off work and waited in, still no delivery. Was told Perth close at 16:00, online it says 17:00. All the phone numbers go to Philippines, doesn’t matter who you call ! Disgusting company

Rajbir Sekhon - 2022-06-10

Very poor service

Tony Angus - 2020-10-28

On two occasions over the past couple of weeks delivery driver Dion Clarke rang me in advance of arrival and made sure that I received the parcels. You can’t beat that as a delivery service. Well done Dion and Toll.

David O'donnell - 2020-08-29

I missed the delivery, followed the instruction on the card left to organise another attempt. It was confirmed and I stayed home all day waiting - no delivery. Then I was told they can't do another attempt but will drop to 7/11 Ascott!?! No updated for over a week and I call every couple of days. Obviously they've lost my parcel but customer service won't admit but can't supply any updates or ETA.

Julien Premoli - 2022-03-07

They say my parcel (expensive turntable) was delivered when I was home all day and never saw any driver. They stopped replying to my emails and my parcel is now lost. They coudnt care less.

Emily Sudran - 2020-12-24

Terrible terrible service. Trying to find my item but cant even tell me where it is at all. All Ive requested is a phone number to contact the depot myself and you cant even do it they even advise me not to go to the depot. Dodgy rude people working from a call center not able to answer any of my questions with disconnected phone numbers and contacts redirecting me. All i want is a straight answer. cheers for nothing. I know Toll sold out and the corruption behind this company is real. we need a better transport company Australia this is just disappointing.

Ben Mcconachie - 2021-08-09

Horrible experience. Item has been sitting in their depot since 30/07/2021, with an expected date of delivery of 04/08/2021 at the latest, without request to process or ship further. Have rung numerous times and been given the run around and no Information provided as to why its still there, why it hasn't been processed further and as to when it will actually be sent out.... Been told multiple times I would be contacted with further Information and an update which never happened.... Pretty abysmal business practise when a freight company can't even do their contracted job efficiently. Update: have now been told the parcel was shipped out from the hazelmere depot on 06/08/2021 for delivery to Kalgoorlie (600kms away). Hasn't been scanned in at the new destination as of yet.... That's a 6hr drive away and it's still hasn't been delivered.

Michael Cockinos - 2020-08-31

Worst transport company in Australia. Consignment arrived in Perth depot from Sydney on Thursday. Should have been delivered the next day. Takes ANOTHER phone call to their overseas call centre to prompt fir further action again. Cannot even talk to someone in my own country! Still nothing from them! TOLL Group should be ashamed of their shoddy service. #BOYCOTTTOLLGROUP

Tyson Mc - 2019-11-04

The delivery service of this place could use some significant improvements. The delivery driver had my contact information, but they didn’t even attempt to call me when they were delivering my package. I live in an apartment complex and I was home the entire day; it would have taken a minute for me to come down. Instead I needed to go to the depot and pick it up. If you intend on picking up anything using Toll, don’t rely on their delivery service.

Co1 - 2021-05-12

Makes Australia Post look good; and that's bad! Sat home all day by the front door waiting for a Toll delivery. Later was sent a msg stating no one was home to sign so it has been sent to a collection point. Liars! Called the hotline number, in msg, to complain. Recording said: You have called outside office hours. Hello Toll eastern states 3pm in Perth is not outside office hours. Will never choose Toll again. PS: The 1 star in this review is for the third party pick up collection point - not Toll owned - that had to deal with me after Toll wasted my day. They'd heard it all before. Toll gets no stars!