Toll Fast, Belmont WA

😁Was an owner driver courier, best job I've had.
😡They said they gave my courier to a man whose name is not my name, and I called them several times, ...

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Toll Fast, Belmont WA
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Robinson Avenue, Belmont WA, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone 1800-698-655
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Scott Cherrington - 2022-12-10

Was an owner driver courier, best job I've had.

哼哼 - 2022-08-29

They said they gave my courier to a man whose name is not my name, and I called them several times, and they were perfunctory. I wonder how this courier company has survived to this day, and I want to ask my friends who lost their packages and know how they found everyone.

Marta G. - 2022-07-15

Highly not reccomend. My parcel was meant to be delivered within 1-5 pm, I waited in my office till 5.10, also called officeworks to check where the deliveryman was, and they advised me to leave because was after the window time. After 5 minutes i left i received a missed parcel notification. They said they have been in my office at 4.44 and nobody was here. I STAYED purposely till 5.10 (despite leaving usually at 4) because we urgently needed the cable, and payed EXTRA to get it delivered sooner. Today they resheduled AGAIN from 1-5 and i called to advise to please deliver before 4 because today i can't wait again 5. they said that they can't do anything about it because they already attempted yesterday (they didn't show up at all). I clearly got very annoyed, and the lady proceeded to hang the phone. Worst service ever.

Mark Evert - 2021-01-19

Place of work

Martyn Couch - 2022-03-15

Have a job with toll was a great experience and a joy to work for

Glen Morris - 2022-03-22

Yes I contract here. But the guys(and girls) running this division are from the old courier Australia days and know how to run a courier company very well

Herianto Martawidjaja - 2021-11-07

Allegro now owns Toll Global express, hopefully can be more profitable

Bunnypillow Beats - 2021-12-24

Ordered TV from JB forests chase. Took them whole day to delivery. For just 800m. Left me to wait from 9am - 12 until I called and they told me about confusion with driver. Like..... K and they re arrange the delivery to 2pm-4pm They call me back at 3pm that the tv doesn't fit the car........ What can i do ????? Now they rearrange again to next 4 days...... Again... "What can i do ?" Sigh... if you have a chance to chose. Don't chose toll fast. I will complaint with JB too. This is too much wayyy too muchh

Caitlin Richardson (babybuzz) - 2020-12-11

I missed my delivery and now wished I NEVER got it delivered in the first place. I have a huge 70KG German shepherded that normally barks like crazy, if he hears anything near our door. So I'm surprised I even missed my delivery, but when I tried to get it re-delivered it was the worst plain talking to "customer care". RUDE and wouldn't let you speak. While giving out the wrong information. Please retrain your "costumer server" because they have no idea what they are talking about and need to learn a bit about customer care. Extremely unprofessional.

Pragya Devkota - 2020-12-09

I am so disappointed with TOLL Parcel. I live in an appartment. I was at home waiting for my parcel, waiting for a call. And NOBODY called me. And next min I got a message that “ we attempted to deliver your parcel but was unsuccessful”. What attempt did you do?

Barry Abbi - 2015-10-12

Michelle King at Toll Fast Belmont has been very informative thorughout the subcontracting process. Two thumbs up.

Steve Frankhuizen - 2018-04-25

great work place

Jayesh Patel - 2019-08-14


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