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😁I don't know why the hate, but I find FedEx to be absolutely spot on and their staff at the Hume fac...
😡The service centre doesn’t speak English, The speed bumps at the Hume depot are violent and will dam...

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FedEx World Service Center, Hume ACT
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Sheppard Street, Hume ACT, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone +61132610
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The Cat Of Nine Swords - 2023-08-04

The service centre doesn’t speak English, The speed bumps at the Hume depot are violent and will damage your car’s suspension. Worse, a low car’s body/frame will hit the bumps if you travel faster than 5km/hr over the unsigned bumps.

Wolf V - 2023-08-08

I don't know why the hate, but I find FedEx to be absolutely spot on and their staff at the Hume facility to be courteous, friendly and very willing to help. Of all the rubbish couriers around the place, I have not had a bad experience with FedEx at all.

Warren Bourke - 2023-06-29

sent a package with car parts from Canberra to go to Melbourne they have documents to say package was picked up received at their hub and has been lost from there i only had to replace $5500 in immobiliser keys and cluster responsibility was null and void as they said its not their problem great doing business as you cost mine and still charged me the freight never again cant believe that

Neil Pickford - 2022-05-08

Bit hidden in Hume, was able to get package on its way.

Sarah - 2023-05-12

Customer service is well communicated and answered all my questions 👍🏼

Jacob Meyers - 2023-06-15

Had a great experience, everyone at the FedEx Hume office was friendly and helpful.

Alex S Oz - 2021-09-11

Very good delivery. Very fast. Very happy camper.

Paul Szuster - 2021-11-18

If you're happy to sit on hold indefinitely and get no where then you've found the right place

Odyssa Q - 2022-09-23

The staff here are always very polite and helpful.

Nate Brindabella - 2022-07-08

Absolutely the worst. Will avoid by any means possible.

Fabian Lopez - 2022-10-26

Very happy with level of service and customer care.

Butho - 2022-07-05

Entrance is a little tricky to find. Good service from the staff

Margaret Atcherley - 2023-03-29

Constantly alerted to delivery and never arrives - use call centre where people who answer one’s call are unintelligible. In addition have to enter tracking details umpteen times with no success in spite of parcel being a ‘priority’. So frustrating!!!!

Charlotte Howell - 2022-04-28

Absolutely horrendous service. Rude staff, unhelpful customer service

Anna Saboisky - 2022-08-04

Sad to see so many negative reviews. I have been dealing with freight companies for years and FedEx are hands down the best by a long shot. They are prompt, reliable, helpful, friendly and have never failed to deliver a parcel. A stellar team!

James Jonklaas - 2022-08-30

Great folks behind the counter. Couldn't be more helpful or attentive.

Mark Morey - 2022-11-21

I wasn't home so FedEx left a card, but my parcel is now lost. Have spoken to their contact centre twice and both couldn't trace what has happened to this parcel (FedEx systems are quite useless). Vendor has promised to send another using a different courier, but this will delay me by many weeks and perhaps not until after Christmas. If I could rate FedEx zero, I would.

In Fragrant Bliss - 2023-03-27

The second time in a month we are waiting for delivery at the front door of our house. No one comes to deliver, instead receive a message “Attempted Delivery.” The Asian lady from the call centre contacts me to say TNT FedEx can’t do anything but I have to go and collect it. TNT #fedex runs a #scam service in #australia ! #pathetic #useless #fedexexpress #liars #canberra #dishonest

Bruce Aitken - 2023-02-12

The driver didn't leave a card Had to go to shop myself and get the item

Lj Todockin - 2021-05-19

Irresponsive, irresponsible, unprofessional, non-transparent, deceiving, and I can go on and on. Extremely disappointing. Seem cheap though. But if reliability and certainty are needed, I would never choose them again.

Matt Moore - 2022-11-17

Left a 100kg package on a pallet in my driveway so I can't move my car... Genius! Would give zero stars if I could

Michael Shilling - 2022-10-09

Helpful staff at depot but very frustrating call system to try and get information from before that.....

Ruotong Li - 2021-11-19

God never call or lock and mange to delivery at the first tempt!!!!!

Jimmy Wilson - 2021-06-22

Failed delivery, have called up 3 times now to give permission to give to Australia Post so they can put in the parcel locker. Broken company

Adam L - 2022-05-23

Listed as attempted delivery but nobody actually came. I was home and nothing on security cameras showing any attempt of delivery. Very poor service! I hope nobody sends me items through here again.

Ogechi Charis - 2021-05-12

Fedex tnt are by far the worst postal service. Everytime i have an international delivery they never DELIVER TO THE CORRECT ADDRESS.

Jacob Billingsley - 2022-10-21

Absolutely hopeless, the funny thing is they call themselfs a courier company but they are more like a holding company, I have never had such a run around to receive a package what a joke. Thumbs down

Deo Sam - 2021-08-15

no delivery attempt still recieved we miss you letter :( Its lockdown time everyone is at home

Darren Blacklock - 2023-08-16

Very helpful staff

Stef R - 2022-03-02

Fast delivery.

Robert Marassovich - 2021-06-14

Its 2021 and these company's still cant deliver a decent tracking system.

Colcat - 2021-03-06

Always helpful and never any line when collecting my overseas inventory

Pete S - 2021-11-09

This company is terrible. They have systemic operating issues that cause them to repeatedly fail their core business outcomes of delivery which must be costly to their bottom line & very frustrating for customers.

Leyla Ersoy - 2023-01-15

It's a fast service when sending parcel. Their customer service is not very helpful if you have any issues occurred.

Sean - 2021-11-11

Technology not best for customer service

Mark Reeves - 2022-05-25

Deliveries left unattended in open view and marked as signed for. Laughably large pick-up windows are never kept to. It is common for pick ups to not happen at all so be prepared to trek out to Hume. Better yet - use any other service.

Mel Grebowski - 2022-05-25

I try not to leave negative feedback for anyone as everyone has a bad day etc ,BUT this lot is on another planet! Is a pity you can give no starts, not sure what's the problem with knocking on some's door is? we watch a guy on our cameras pull up, mess around his van, walk halfway up to our door just to turn around and drop a "sorry we missed you" slip in to our mail box? not only is this delivery now nearly 2 weeks over due AND we paid extra for express delivery! they are still using Covid 19 as an excuse, probably will for the next 10 years , now I have to pick it up from depo that does not open its doors to customers until 9.00am???? you cant ring them either! - I thought Australia Post was bad but this lot is on a another level. DONT USE FEDEX if you don't want to loose your mind, we get lots of deliveries and must say DHL is 1000% better and more professional- bunch of jokers

Paul Naco - 2021-09-10

Second time recently, a company I bought products from, used TNT and TNT messed up, the same way, both times. So they have a systemic issue. They take ages to deliver. The website gives a delivery date but they forget to put it on the truck. Again and again. But they don't tell you it wont be delivered. They just don't turn up. Goods get to Canberra from New York faster than with TNT from Brisbane or Melbourne.

William Mcnamee - 2021-02-18

I'm a regular customer and I always find the staff friendly and efficient.

Håvard Frøiland - 2022-08-13

A bit of a mixed experience, we where driving up from Sydney, and was going to be 2 minutes late. We desperately tried to call and get them to wait for us, but ended up talking to people at the Wearhouse that we could not hear or understand. We turned up two minutes late, and we got the 360kg package loaded on to our trailer, so in the end all was good. But very stressful.

A Secret - 2021-08-03

Don't bother with these party clowns if you live rural/regional. They're happy to take the money, and then refuse to deliver in your area. You'll drive long and far (at their convenient time) to go pick it up yourself.

Kukabura Shaz - 2022-03-10

DO NOT use FedEx if you have a choice - it’s dark comedic! The people at this service centre themselves are perfectly helpful and nice. But FedEx’s system is very problematic itself. A delivery was allegedly attempted but no card was left, not did I received an email or text message. I called the FedEx number three times, each time I was promised a call back once my parcel is available for me to pick up in person, but of course nothing happened. Finally on my last call I asked the customer service if they can connect me to the service centre my parcel is at, and of course computer says no. Finally I decided to visit the centre myself (without a pick up promise). As soon as the person helping me put the shipment number in the system, I received a call from FedEx Japanese call centre informing me that my shipment is ready to be picked up. (Essentially what happened was the call centre wasn’t able to put in my pick up in person request, and with no request they won’t call me back.) Stop hiring consultants to cut costs at every opportunity and actually run a company!

D'arcy Davies - 2022-04-20

An update from my previous review, after i had emailed the customer service reps in sydney regarding a delivery left without a signiature from anyone in the house and the driver not ringing the doorbell THE DRIVER SHOWED UP AT MY HOUSE AND DEMANDED MY WIFE LET HIM IN AND SEE THE CCTV FOOTAGE. Make sure you dont complain! Otherwise FEDEX and their lackeyes will come to your house to scare your family to make sure you dont complain again!

Millie Sutherland Saines - 2021-09-23

If you want your items to get to their destination, don't use TNT.

Daniela Hrušková - 2021-10-17

Absolutely terrible experience! With the way these people operate I am genuinely surprised they have not gone out of business yet :D Impossible to get in touch with them, never call number provided for delivery, never actually manage to deliver at first attempt, light years away from the city when you end up having to go to Hume to pick up your parcel...TNT is a storage facility, not a delivery service!

Hy N - 2022-03-08

Zero care factor for customers. Lazy delivery drivers. Never received parcel in first attempt (doubt if they had attempted)

Yz Wu - 2020-08-10

No one call me or ring the bell when my package arrived. No one answer the phone. I waiting for 3 days after package arrived. I do not know where is my items.

Travel Tech Eat By Jifin A Joseph - 2022-06-23

They leave card in the letter box to collect from depo.I didn't see any people to do delivery.They ring for the sake of ringing.

Rassha Shar - 2021-12-24

Very disappointed. They left a card that delivery was attempted and delayed the delivery however I was home all day. No way it was missed by our end. Didn’t even give a call. No way to contact the local exchange except website request to rearrange the delivery . Rearrange delivery date is also given after a week. No msg that the parcel is coming or delivery is planned today. It was an important parcel & so frustrating.

D'arcy Davies-bramley - 2022-03-30

Please DO NOT use this company. I received an order that i paid $100 to have express shipped canberra to sydney. It got to their sydney warehouse after lunch thursday. I only received it on tuesday afternoon. The driver left the package(i have video security cameras) ($3000 worth of parts) in the middle of my front yard next to the road. No effort to put it in a safe spot. When i got home my package was gone. I will never use tnt again. Even when you call customer service they tell you they will call you back but never do. I spoke to 4 seperate people who all said they would call me back. No one ever did. There must be something terribly wrong with the way the company is structured and managed for it to be this bad. Just look at the sea of 1 star reviews on here. STAY AWAY FROM TNT FEDEX AT ALL COSTS