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Border Express, Melbourne Airport VIC

😁The local Geelong Border Express driver Glenn is fantastic - always pleasant and delivers on time ev...
😡Absolutely appalling tracking. Never update their tracking of parcels and seem to take forever to de...

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Border Express, Melbourne Airport VIC
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Link Road, Melbourne Airport VIC, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone (03) 8347 5400
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John Adams - 2023-06-05

The local Geelong Border Express driver Glenn is fantastic - always pleasant and delivers on time every time! I've had deliveries from other courier companies that take weeks to arrive and endless phone calls to get an item delivered, but when I know my local Border Express driver Glenn has my item on board I know that there will be no problems - and yes I have had numerous items delivered by him. I highly recommend this courier company and Glenn.

Clinton Waters - 2023-05-08

Absolutely appalling tracking. Never update their tracking of parcels and seem to take forever to deliver

X N - 2023-03-30

Very happy with the service. Very fast delivery, usually the next day after the product has been pocked up.

Chris L - 2023-02-20

Google needs to allow for option of no stars. These clowns dropped a package off sometime today. Didn't ring doorbell, I just found it when I took the bins out. Anyway, package is not for me, it isfor same street address in a different suburb, as per the large print SUBURB AND POSTCODE at the bottom of the address. Have tried contacting them to ask for them to collect it and deliver to the right person, of course no phone numbers means sending unanswered email requests.

Steven Dutton - 2023-01-31

Called them to see when they where picking up a pallet.. as im on the phone to the customer service chick the bloke rocked up!

Jacob Williams - 2022-02-04

Very bad service! Pay more for peace of mind... Trust me, what you save in money you'll spend on painkillers, comfort food and alcohol because of the headaches they will cause!

Sidhant Mehra - 2022-09-08

The most unreliable courier service I have come across.

Karen Sutherland - 2021-01-27

DON"T USE THIS COMPANY! Wish there was 1/2 star rating. Totally agree with Lami Martin. My parcel arrived from Brisbane to country Vic, only 20 min from my house, and then for an inexplicable reason, sent it to Melbourne Airport, where its been for over a week, despite numerous phone calls and email complaints on the 'brand new website'. There seems no way to actually get hold of it. And even worse, the tracking details keep getting altered online (I have copies of the originals) to make it look like they didn't do some of this. So the tracking details are a complete farce. The on-the phone help people are nice enough but seemingly have no control over where anything actually goes. We paid hundreds of dollars for door to door delivery. Sigh-

Sifu Garry Baniecki - 2022-11-06

Good customer service

Evan Valeri - 2022-03-23

Terrible communication and lack of organisation

Rob Seeley - 2022-02-20

The most unhelpful and incompetent courier service in Australia

Devan Laczko - 2021-11-09

They lost my delivery and failed to even contact me despite me trying multiple times to get support. Very disappointed.

Sergio Chen - 2022-08-25

No ability to handle customer requested

Randall Ford - 2023-01-13

Useless company don't even have a phone number on there website to call them. So slow I could have walked and picked up what I urgently needed rather than now having a crises to get what I needed by the deadline. Reliability used to be standard, now it's not even available. No care and no responsibility.

Shell Bell72 - 2022-02-14

check our your driver on Dash Cam Owners Australia Weekly Submissions February Week 2 at 5:38, Great driving from your so called "Professional drivers". great advertising NOT.

Bernd Ringel - 2022-09-29

slowest service ever !!!! 1 week from dandenong to yarra glen, and another week to healesville. total of 60km..., thats 4km per day..maybe remove the word "express"

Sherie C - 2022-06-03

Just received an exceptional service from Anthony from Border Express. I ordered a large product from which could be very awkward to move to my apartment. Having had experiences with other companies which would just leave a big heavy box for me to move it myself, I was a bit concerned. Anthony made sure that I was home to accept the product by calling in advance. He was also very polite and helpful, delivering the product to my apartment.

Mohamed Swelam - 2022-04-07

Unfortunately totally unprofessional careless drivers , always bad experience with every delivery

Christine Barnard - 2023-01-09

Do not ever use this company. Was sent out the 16th December! Now it’s 9th January and I’m still waiting. 1 parcel hasn’t moved since the 19th and taken them days to find it with no luck. Other parcel is at my local deport. I’m trying to get that one delivered with no luck so far. Was a Christmas present. Communication is shocking.

A. Google Account - 2022-01-25

Just waiting for trailers to be loaded 😎

Luke Davies - 2022-01-27

Waiting nearly 2 months to get a package picked up! Have called 3 times and keep getting the usual "sorry, it will be collected in the next 2 days" will never use them again

Jamie Butcher - 2021-05-27

Worst delivery company scammers and thief's

Tuan Mai - 2022-11-02

I have a tracking number that says my parcel is onboard for delivery for 2 weeks. Are you using Fred flinestone to deliver or something? Also, there i no way to contact you guys either. I've emailed and no reply. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

Terry Locham - 2020-12-21

B double acess.. Usually very busy.. Turn on two way radio and you will be directed straight way

Kenny Mumford - 2021-07-12

Top joint thanks

Mark Fait - 2022-08-19

What an absolute disgrace your driver tailgating vehicles in peak hour traffic and forcing on old women to move over and doing the same to several other vehicles. This was at 6.00pm outbound on the Monash freeway near the Toorak road ramp. Registration number 98146-S vic plates. I will never use or recommend your company.

Melissa Marsh - 2022-12-29

Lost my parcel and " investigated " it for a week. I made one phone call to my local agent and found it in less than a minute.

Thomas Sheridan - 2021-12-02

Excellent service

Doris Dalli - 2022-05-13

Excellent service

Bhatia Uber - 2021-10-17

good one

Trina & Mere Williams - 2021-06-08

Good for your health

Christina Thorpe - 2021-12-04

Absolutely awful service. Ordered an expensive product consisting of two packages taped together with a single tracking number (as confirmed by the supplier). Only one box showed up, evidently separated in Border Express's care, and during delivery the Border Express agent advised me the "second half" of my delivery would arrive "tomorrow". Nearly two months later, the box has not materialised. My plans have been totally derailed. Border Express states they are "Committed to Deliver 100%". It would appear, with my packages, they are only "Committed to Deliver 50%". This should serve as a stark and disappointing warning to future customers, who should not be surprised to find just half of their packages arrive and the other half drift into oblivion with no solid customer service support from Border Express to help track them down. Regarding Border Express's abysmal customer service: I underwent extensive email correspondence with Border Express employees Tayla M and Rochelle H regarding my missing package. This correspondence yielded zero results and often ran in circles, with unhelpful and cold requests to recontact the supplier and locate perfunctory details of the tracking or product packaging method. I have wasted hours of my time. Border Express ultimately denies any responsibility, and refuses to address their employee's cryptic statement, that my package would arrive "tomorrow". Sadly, with little recourse, I am left to leave reviews to warn potential customers, and escalate my complaints until the missing package enquiry is resolved. Avoid, avoid, avoid this company like the plague.

Mattheus Bouma - 2022-12-07

Still waiting three days after expected delivery Item still in morwell but no phone no to call so can not arrange collection.

Guvner - 2022-08-07

BEX left a card as I was not home. No phone number on card. Instructions say scan QR code to contact your nearest branch. Code takes you to a website that lists the branch address but no phone numbers. Absolutely pointless.

Lukas Shaw - 2021-02-03

Trucks passing through my country town double the speed limit with no general concern for the safety of others late at night

Info The Dark Essence - 2022-12-01

HORRIFIC. Terrible customer service, you need to dig for their phone number and no one replies emails or gets back to you. Didn’t deliver urgent package because they couldn’t knock on the door. Next day didn’t bring it because “the truck was too full” now I need to drive out there and collect myself and even then they can’t say if they would be able to find it or not. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY

Anthony Melia - 2020-12-02

I asked for the driver to ring he did that twice he helped me break down the palette and unload it both the driver and the centre went above and beyond to assist one of the better company's ive interacted with i highly recommend BORDER EXPRESS

Jay Dis - 2022-02-11

Ordered 3 packages from a piano website. Everything was shipped over from Perth via Border express. I have 3 issues: 1. They delivered 2 of my 3 packages without care. The courier left my packages out in the open without ringing the doorbell or asking for a signature. Also, the box was opened as if the courier had taken a look inside to see if it was valuable, which brings me to my second point. 2. One package never arrived. The most expensive package ($1000) didn’t get delivered. With one of the boxes being open, it makes me wonder if the courier just stole my package instead. BE claims it was the fault of the piano company I bought from, but the piano website has said to me they’ve had other complaints recently because of delivery via border express. 3. Lackadaisical attitude. Conversing with BE and trying to find where my package is, felt like an endless back and forth. They never took accountability for their mistakes and never really tried to rectify my issue. I’ve been waiting for my order since 26 of December 2021. Such an unprofessional company.

Louis Payne - 2022-08-02

Had a return meant to be picked up between 0900-1700 waited at home all day no one ever came to pick up, don’t ever use this company

Chris Madsen - 2020-12-04

What a terrible company. First of all, they don't deliver their orders. Their drivers are completely unreliable and the customer service is rude and arrogant. What a dissapointment

Sheila Bonsu - 2022-02-04

I've received two packages from Border Express and both times the delivery has been fast and stress free. They even deliver on Saturdays!

Steven Sakkas - 2022-02-10

I’m absolutely shocked and surprised that they have a 2.7 rating! That is so high for them! The worst freight company I have ever dealt with! They make every other company look like a well oiled machine! Not only were they 10 days late, the item was cancelled and meant to be returned to the place of purchase! They never return any calls or emails and left the item unattended and totally disregard the package “this way up”! How are they still in business? I can only suspect they are really, really cheap and companies think it’s worth it… well - Billy Hyde Music just lost a customer! I’ve now purchased another amplifier and speaker cab from Sky Music! Below snd behold… everything was delivered as expected on time!

Jorge Avellaneda - 2022-01-18

I wish I can put 0 stars on this. Please DO NOT USE THIS COURIER, DON'T LOSE YOUR TIME AND MONEY. WORST COURIER EVER, use normal and known ones, like DHL or AU Post, but Border Express is the worst decision you can make and you are gonna regret every second.

Daniel Townsend - 2022-04-07

Still waiting for delivery two weeks after it was meant to arrive. Appalling customer service. Online tracking portal just makes things up: my package has been out for delivery three times and is now apparently delivered. The customer service team will say anything to get you off the phone without ever following up. They promise delivery next day. Nothing. They say they'll call their operations team and get back to you. Nothing. Every time a different excuse and still no delivery.

Nick Pseftoudis - 2021-06-10

Don't understand why all the negative reviews. My experience was amazing. When tracking item I was kept up to date constantly and item arrived in immaculate condition on the day they advised. Super happy.

Leighton Kent - 2021-07-06

Fragile means toss the box around as much as possible, I shipped my PC monitor, which now has a huge chunk blacked out and cracked. My other box with a METAL container was bent. They BENT METAL purely through tossing it with enough force to bend METAL. Would not recommend their shipping services.

Jayj R - 2021-05-02

if i could leave a half a star i would its now 4 days passed the due date and its apparently still in dispatch it was sent on the 27/4/21 its now 3/5/21 none of your complaints team want to tell me where it is what a joke of a business id be ashamed if i owned this pathetic bunch

Melinda Vainoras - 2022-02-07

Would love to give 0 stars. Have been waiting for a package for over 2 weeks, border express are saying that they’re waiting on the supplier and the supplier have stated they’re waiting on them.. asked why I had to call and none of my emails were responded too and I got “I can see we received them and they were not replied too” This is not how you run a business and now my partners birthday will be ruined even though I left ample time for the package to be delivered. Lack of communication and a waste of time.

Shaun Chesterfield - 2022-02-05

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY NO MATTER WHAT THE COST!! We are a small to medium size company who use Border Express regularly, but no longer, 2 weeks later still no delivery - promised to deliver one day, the next day they don't even know where it is. They use COVID as an excuse but this is a cover up. We have all had to deal with COVID, but have learnt to work with it. COVID doesn't excuse broken promises & incompetency!

Dawid Pańczuk - 2022-08-16

My parcel was waiting for 2 weeks in the final depot and I had to organize pickup by myself as they informed me, that I live in rural area and my parcel can't be delivered there.