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Border Express, Dandenong South VIC

😁These guy dropped an order to my door 👌 I live upstairs in an apartment building and couries genera...
😡Very very very disappointed. We supply many mobile businesses who use their residential address as t...

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Border Express, Dandenong South VIC
Type Shop & Service Point
Address South Park Drive, Dandenong South VIC, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone (03) 8347 5400
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Sue Rosenberg - 2023-05-25

Very very very disappointed. We supply many mobile businesses who use their residential address as their safe delivery address, however, the extra charges introduced to deliver to them is exorbitant. Cubic weight of 6 boxes total weight only 36kg - charged for over 100kg at $125.00 extra. Also this year too many deliveries have been lost or damaged. Small businesses suffer because of them.

Eco Friendly - 2023-04-06

Nothing has changed, still the same poor level of service, claimed to have carded, no card was at the mailbox, tracking never updated its status, organised for pickup subsequent to the non delivery, called customer service and depot, no one could locate the parcel. How can anyone use a courier company with such shocking mismanagement

Timothy Jon Wallace - 2023-03-09

These guy dropped an order to my door 👌 I live upstairs in an apartment building and couries generally struggle to get through the security doors/process and just leave a note for me to collect. Above and beyond

Chamath Rajapaksha - 2023-03-29

Received a parcel (Solar inverter) and left the doorstep when no one home for more than 3 hours! Very unresponsive service.

Stephen Cox - 2022-11-16

Last time Ill use or use a Business who use them. after them doing 6 deliveries in 2 months, Now my awning was only 1mt above the truck, then my lane garbage trucks use cant fit there truck them my wall was in the way then they cant side unload as my roller door was to low for the forklift. Then ive had to get it picked up and delivered by a real business. What a USLESS EXCUSE.

Craig Rip - 2023-02-07

2 packages ordered only received 1 the tracking shows the second 1 in their depot for over 2 weeks so far still waiting

Andrew Nassau - 2022-04-11

Service and time frames are garbage and I highly recommend you find another company for delivery. They do not deserve anyone's business.

Gemma Street - 2022-11-15

How hard is it to list a phone number? Sent a message yesterday but still haven’t got a reply. Melb to Hobart takes them weeks, no ETA listed when I trace the tracking number, come on guys , it’s like this all year long..

Shaun Ryal - 2022-04-21

Border Express is one of the worst courier companies I've ever had to use... customer service was very poor, they never give a clear answer on the location of your parcel, you'll be on hold for 30mins or longer waiting for someone to assist, don't bother sending an email to them you'll never get a reply. I've been waiting for a month for my parcel and it got to the stage I had to drive to the depot and collect it my self. Stay Clear

Raid Polos - 2021-11-12

Good people very good experience and safety number 1👍

Darren Natale - 2021-12-03

Terrible company. Significant delays with delivery, complete lack of communication and then when you try and call to follow up, you sit on hold for 15-20 mins to eventually be sent to a voicemail. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!

James L - 2021-12-24

Pretty much all our furniture was heavily damaged and deliverer just left everything outside the driveway, didn’t even bother to finish the job.

Tlwe Glazing & Doors - 2021-11-26

Lost half of my order in there warehouse, delivered half, forged my signature to say I signed for it, Border Express lift your game!

Leah Brookes - 2021-11-30

This has to be one of the worst courier companies I have ever dealt with. My delivery went on a truck November the 11th....they have no idea where it is. I live 2 hours away from the depot in Dandenong South. I phoned, used their website help desk ticketing system. No-one knows anything. Mismanaged and extremely poor customer service.

Joshua Debnam - 2022-01-26

This company is a joke I will never use them TNT is the go

William Yu - 2020-01-03

They don't know how to run the business AT ALL. Even Australian Post is much better than them. The worst service provider ever. Their drivers don't know to ring a bell or call the receiver for delivery. customer service is even worse. if there is a chance to give them negative stars. I give them negative five marks. They will just ruin your day or mind when you are waiting for the delivery.

Judy Turnbull - 2020-08-19

Watched one of their delivery vans go down our street with its back door open ..looked out and saw a package on the street that fell out of their van. I collected it and made contact with the recipient living in another suburb who could not collect because of the 5km radius restrictions. She finally made contact with B Express and they told her they would collect from me and deliver it to her. I have kept the quite heavy package (worth $85) out of the rain.. they still have not arrived. U have tried calling to get an ETA but just in hold for a very long time! I would be very upset if this was one of my packages going to our grandchildren...

Lukas Shaw - 2021-04-25

Nothing has changed with this trucking company if anything it has gotten worse..multiple times at night there trucking company tailgate each other, double the speed limit though our town with little concern for our safety or anything one else for that matter

Tim Hickey - 2020-09-06

High volume transport company doing interstate and local. Well organised

Daniel Noy - 2019-10-17

Had to pickup an item from the Dandenong South depot today. Was a little tricky to figure out where I needed to go, however the service from the guys was very helpful and friendly. Will send items with Border Express in the future!

Anand Govindaraj - 2020-05-14

Never use Boder express or Fastway both are same companies, parcel was sent from Melbourne to NSW a month back, still not delivered and each time call them, they keep telling its on the way or with their agent, I had to call few couriers companies to find out who their agent was and finally got hold of the parcel sitting one of their depot.

Christine Pollard - 2020-09-04

never use this company if you need something urgent. I unfortunately had no choice as the sender used them. I have no idea but my order which was due to me last Friday was given to Couriers Please to be delivered to me... I'm still waiting and after 5 phone calls and email they still cant give me an answer to where my package is. There correspondence is non existent and are extremely angry and disappointed in this whole scenario. I cannot even contact nor they, couriers please to find my package. extremely poor customer service. my supplier has resent me another order today so lets hope this gets to me this time. disappointed customer.

John De La - 2020-09-18

Hard work here,fast pace.

Nikki Studd - 2020-08-13

Lost parcel. Rude. Blamed the lost parcel on the company they picked the parcel up from when the company had proof of pick up.

Tim Young - 2018-12-07

Great place to work. Good crew

John Bird - 2019-11-23

Fast freight, love their work.

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Jason Jb - 2020-09-18

Good and tight

Gayashan Madhuwantha - 2019-06-13

Excellent drivers

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