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😁Wonderfully refreshing to encounter a polite and prompt driver.
😡Don’t use these guys they dumped a $1500 artwork at my front gate driver couldn’t even be bothered t...

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Border Express, Underwood QLD
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Beenleigh Road, Underwood QLD, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone (03) 8347 5400
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Ben Messina - 2023-06-23

Don’t use these guys they dumped a $1500 artwork at my front gate driver couldn’t even be bothered to walk to the front door and knock to see if we were home which we were. Not good guys! Could have easily been stolen not that you guys would care!

Brett Krutli - 2023-07-05

I must admit over the years this company “Border express” is the worst I have dealt with. Goods were sent from Brisbane weighing approx 61kgs . They can’t locate the parcel , avoided scanning in the barcode etc. Over two weeks and nothing . They do reply to email saying the same thing we are investigating . Definitely appears that either “Border express” or their dealer network has taken a liking to this parcel and stolen the goods . What else good have happened. This is a 61kg box approx 2m x 0.9m, can’t simply be put somewhere and not to be able to be seen . Absolute joke .

Paul Atkins - 2023-04-17

They seriously need to consider removing the word "Express" from their name. Online estimate for delivery time says 2 business day to do the 105KM from the shop I purchased from and to my house and the parcel has been sat at Underwood for over one week now. Tracking did change to Onboard for one day, but then it went back to Underwood again. The company is impossible to contact and if you need to arrange to be at home when the parcel is delivered, I suggest you book two weeks leave, because there is no knowing when it will turn up.

Ned Kelly - 2023-07-10

What can i say about Border Express Brisbane in general not much but ...SHAME ON YOU... I had a friends young son apply for a job as a mr/hr driver he has had his truck license for 5.years now and has a slow learning disability witch he tries to hide Anyway after going for a interview with a person i will not name in a Brisbane depot he felt discriminated because of his disability without trucks and drivers.... BORDER EXPRESS ...this country would stop ..N.F.I lift ya game

Michael James - 2023-06-13

They should rename to Border Snails pace, in fact I'm pretty sure a snail could have made it from where the parcel was picked up to my home in lees than the week they have taken so far and still no parcel arrived or even a ETA on their useless tracking website

Catherine J - 2021-09-17

Wonderfully refreshing to encounter a polite and prompt driver.

Ally Miles - 2021-12-17

The most appauling service and comminucation utterly incompetent use any other service!

Aaron Kidd - 2022-04-11

Deserves 0 stars. What a joke of a delivery company.

Tim Harvey - 2023-04-19


Gerhardus Bergh - 2023-05-23

Just the facts… Shipping from Perth to Brisbane took 4 days, once in Underwood the item sat there for seven days. Each day the online tracking said out for delivery. After three days and many online chats, I received a call from them. The usual apologies and excuses followed. I asked why if something was in the van out for delivery, then gets returned to the depot without being delivered… why it wasn’t going out first thing the next day?? No answer to this question. I truely believe these guys are in the wrong business. I called the people in Perth and they too said their most complaints come from people using this business. Damaged or lost goods and they say it’s not their issue. This was really terrible service. Being told each day it coming but it just doesn’t. I was so annoyed. Can’t imagine what the he’ll there doing over there. Oh and shipping was $335 alone. Not sure what I paid for. Good luck Border express…. I’ll steer clear next time. I truly hate leaving negative reviews but if its your core business then you are doing something wrong.

Dom Walton - 2022-11-25

Don't waste your time and money with this company. All of the one-star reviews paint the picture perfectly - they're full of promises but never deliver. I've contacted the company three times this week and have been told 'delivery will be made today'. Of course, I'm still without my packages and am now out of pocket because of this group. Look elsewhere and save the hassle!!

Benny Shayler - 2021-12-13

Largely improved in many aspects from previous years.

Merinda Mcdonald - 2022-04-21

The delivery was super fast and the delivery lady was lovely thank you 😊

Ryan Bull - 2022-03-30

Absolutely useless. Lost the order then when found was to be expressed straight away that was over a week ago and now I am going to miss an event.cheers for ruining my holidays. NEVER USE THIS COMPANY

Toots Braddock - 2022-03-26

Border express depot, also depot for city fleet maintenance. Large private gated facility.. doesn't really need reviews

Wade Glasse - 2022-12-22

I drove from Toowoomba to the Border Express Brisbane depot to collect 3 pallets of stock we urgently required. The staff on site were helpful, friendly and efficient, I was in and out in 20 minutes. I've waited longer in much smaller transport depots with people standing around looking at me.

Littlemissmisamisa - 2023-01-13

Delivery has been sitting at their depot not even half an hour from delivery address for a week, everyday its “on board for delivery” then conveniently at 5pm all tracking is deleted and it returns to “in transit” cant ring them and emails say they attempted delivery twice. I have security cameras and was home, no delivery has ever been attempted. Will not order from anywhere that uses this company again!

Dori - 2023-02-12

useless, 3 weeks past the latest delivery date and its still sitting in bloody logan

Dillan - 2023-08-15

It took over two weeks to get my package that was only a 20 hour drive away Spent almost the entire time in a facility 12 hours away

Peter Carlyle - 2022-11-25

Make sure to follow the purple line, not the green one. This is absolutely a distribution hub, and is not designed for individual parcel pickup. They are probably good enough at delivery that individual pickup is an afterthought, unlike FedEx, who have a large waiting room for people looking for undelivered parcels

M.j. F. - 2021-08-30

Terrible customer service, so slow to get anything done, AVOID........

Atina Monique Limet - 2022-12-07

I got 4 couches hasn’t received yet Since july 2022 WOLO23065243 - LP00523373740035 WOLO23065241 - LP00523373231041 WOLO23064642 - LP00523305351714 WOLO23063870 - LP00523158336608

Regina Huang - 2023-01-18

Worst company ever. Losing my parcel, refused me to collect and said their depot is "Dangerous" Once they "allow" me collect something, they managed to give me wrong parcel, then they want to collect their parcel but still not deliver mine. Not sure how they can manage a company like this ? Don't waste your time and money to use them. Not worth it.

Lesley Walker - 2022-10-14

Thank you so much "Josie" and the Underwood QLD team for going out of their way to get my parcel to me before the weekend, You are such a valued team, I appreciate what you did for me here in Goodna

Jackson Flynn - 2022-05-13

the single worst courier service I have ever used DO NOT USE THEM

Ryan Millar - 2022-04-30

The only company who has managed to deliver on time recently. Thanks guys for your prompt service and communication.

Stu Jarram - 2022-09-01

I Ordered my stuff through kings two orders on from Vic to qld bris to Gladstone Got here before expecting great updates fantastic drivers 👏 👌 👍🏻 thanks to all

Emma Hill - 2022-10-26

Will leave your parcel sitting in transit for days, won't respond to emails either. Do not recommend anyone to use these people!

Caroline Mcqueen - 2021-11-12

Gave approval to leave a large delivery undercover. It was instead left on the road out in the rain. Customer service team were less than helpful.

Paul Stewart - 2023-03-30

Committed to deliver 100% hahah It might take a week or 2 for them to collect but eventually they will get there lol

Amanda Le Gros - 2023-04-03

This business is a sham, I have been waiting for a delivery for 5 weeks now and nobody will respond to my enquiries. My order is still yet to arrive 😡

Morgan Harland - 2022-10-24

Worst service I have experienced. Have been waiting on parts for my vehicle since last Wednesday to be told they don't even know the location of my items. Every time I call it's the same answer, "we will follow up with our new delivery partner to see if they have any items like that" to be told that they aren't responding to calls or emails. Not good enough especially when 3 day express postage was paid. I Will be checking all future purchases from online stores to who they ship with as I will never give border express another cent.

Sandra Ss - 2022-11-25

1) Online tracking is useless - this morning it was still showing as "in transit" as well as showing NSW location as last scan yesterday afternoon when it had been scanned earlier yesterday at Underwood QLD location after arriving from NSW location ??? As it was NOT showing "onboard" today, I did not expect the delivery today and had gone out. Luckily I'd arrived home before the delivery turned up this afternoon as there were 2 large boxes and who knows where they would have ended up if I hadn't been home ... Online tracking is still showing last scanned "in transit" at NSW location not QLD (even though it was delivered to me Brisbane address this afternoon) ???? I never received ANY communication AT ALL from Border Express about my delivery (only advice was from sending company advising BE would deliver and the tracking number). Shame they don't work more like Australia Post and some other companies where you're kept updated regularly and the online tracking is correct ! 2) also one of the big boxes had a torn section and the other had an oil stain ... fortunately the contents weren't damaged but that was just good luck not good management by border express !

Jozzelle - 2021-07-16

Serviced my partner's truck at a decent price. So glad they were able to squeeze him in because he really needs it for work! Thanks guys ☺️

فرحان اوصمان - 2022-04-26

Very very bad delivery service

Geoffrey Michael - 2022-04-07

Will your package arrive today? Spin the wheel of FAT chance to find out.

Don Hossy - 2023-02-07

This company actively employs drivers who will put other road users at severe risk of serious injury or death.

Em T. - 2022-12-02

I only received an email at 8:50 am today, that I will be receiving a TV unit, which is quite heavy. I had important meetings today and had an online chat with them in the morning to find out, when the delivery is going to be anticipated (within 2 hours here or there wouldn't have mattered). They couldn't give me an answer, just told me to ring the hotline as they couldn't get hold of the driver. 2 hours later I rang them, just to be told, it's between 9am and 5pm. You are meant to wait all day for them, otherwise your heavy delivery will end up outside on the porch. I have to wait for them, because I can't lift the TV unit all by myself to bring it inside. I had to cancel other arrangements and it's 4pm and I am still waiting.

Grant Welsh - 2022-07-14

Terrible courier service and customer service.

Gavin Williamson - 2022-08-02

Parcel has sat 15 minutes from its location for 7 days now , tracker has shown this , emailed border express they tell me I can have someone pick it up , I agree , they tell me too late it's on board for delivery same day , that's fine , doesn't get delivered ,doesn't move on tracking but they tell me no one was home at 4pm monday when they knocked on door when my brother was infact home ... still no delivery... avoid this conpany

John Fitzsimons - 2022-12-13


Ra1ny_ - 2021-05-05

Staff are not helpful, barely even friendly. I don't understand why I have to continue chasing them up, just do your job.

Praveen Karunambaran - 2022-12-23

Very poor service. On one occasion I saw the delivery status as onboard for delivery. However my parcel never arrived. Upon ringing them the next day, I was told that the driver attempted delivery at 5:06PM and as the office is closed they left a note. They didnt realise that I given my home address for delivery. I was home at the time and also checked my camera recording to confirm that the delivery person never arrived. Next day when I called, I found that the item is in their warehouse and it was not even sent out with a new delivery personnel. I had to go and pick it up by myself. Absolutely terrible service. Would not recommend them ever.

Ryan Wood - 2021-12-07

The driver who delivered my BBQ called me to confirm if anyone was at home, and as there was not, asked me where I wanted it placed. The gentleman placed in in a safe and secure location down the side of my home. Above and beyond. Thanks Guys!

Craig Lomans - 2022-12-22

DO NOT USE, their staff who deliver lie about deliverys and fraudlently sign the delivery notes. I had materials for a job being delivered and they never arrived. I lost business because of this. WHen i contcated the delivery company they simply said it was delivered. no photo of delivery just a fake signature.

Mypinky1986 - 2021-11-09

Absolutely useless would not recommend using them at all been almost a month still haven’t received any goods and they can’t even tell me where they are

Peter Klein - 2022-12-09

How can you trust, depend or rely on a company that doesn't even show up to pick up the parcel, are you serious, two thumbs down 👎👎

David Smith - 2022-02-12

Nice people

Sarah Richards - 2022-08-17

Good service

Alan Robertson - 2022-11-11

Ordered something through Bunnings a month ago. Everything was delivered to the Border Express warehouse three weeks ago. Despite being promised that the item will be on the truck every day for the past two weeks, it still hasn’t arrived.