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Border Express, Wetherill Park NSW

😁When I read the negative reviews on Google, I thought my order would probably be delivered late. How...
😡I’m was meant to be delivered a week ago but still heard nothing. Chased the sender who was able to ...

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Border Express, Wetherill Park NSW
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Frank Street, Wetherill Park NSW, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone (03) 8347 5400
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Trang Ray - 2023-05-04

When I read the negative reviews on Google, I thought my order would probably be delivered late. However, I received the order within 1 day of the order pickup, which was super quick. The delivery driver was polite and gave us the option whether we wanted to keep or get rid of the pallet. I hope they will keep this speedy delivery and make other customers happy :)

Scott L - 2023-06-15

I’m was meant to be delivered a week ago but still heard nothing. Chased the sender who was able to get a hold of them but then all communication lost again Lack of communication from Borders Express . Difficult to get a hold of anyone. Once you get someone to talk to, they have no clues what’s going on and need to engage other people who respond when it suits them. Complaints go into a black hole. Great way to run a business.

Ruchika Sharma - 2023-08-17

The best delivery driver imran khan i have ever seen i get deliveries many times from this company and other company but imran is so helpfull he help me to place the heavy parcel where i want it 5 stars for imran khan

Vishal Patel - 2023-07-10

have been using them for long time. lately they failed on every aspects of freight. Customer paid for tailgate delivery and driver asking help to hand unload over the phone. No one was there to help hand unload, driver returned back and did same next day and now Border express threatening for RTS. They should send driver with tailgate truck and one EPJ and for that extra charges were paid but Border Express failed. Mainly transport company improve their standard but Border express customer service is getting poor every day. Change your managers or do weekly meetings

Arthur Wong - 2023-07-13

It's been 10 days since my order was picked up for delivery from a retailer in the same metro area as me. The status has not changed. When retailer tried to trace my order they were told by Border Express that the response time for package tracing is 48 hours.

Dave Esso - 2023-05-19

Was told my consignment was incomplete. After I had confirmed my delivery address 3 times. 2 with sender and 1 time with border express. Sent the package incomplete. Failed to deliver obviously. Tried to blame me and the sender. Now my delivery is delayed. No compensation offered. Have asked the sender to note on my account never to use border express again. Jayana assured me my delivery would be here today 19/5/23. Why not check my address during this communication. Because they don’t care.

Huy Ea - 2022-12-23

Can't talk to a real person. Talk to a robot, it gives me fixed questions which are not what I want to ask. I just wanted to track where my my delivery is? So simple question I can't even get the answer what else can I get from this Company? Whoever uses this logic Company, good luck. I I will never use this Company or referring to my friends.

Mohamed Saboune - 2022-03-11

Horrible horrible horrible horrible. No words can express how atrocious this company is from head to toe

J Z - 2023-01-27

Would give ZERO 🥚star if it’s an option. Arrived 3 days later than the agreed upon delivery date, with zero communication. (Did not call/ text within one hour of arrival nor notify the delivery won’t be arriving on time) Paid Extra for the ‘delivery to the door’ option. Instead, it was dropped in the car park, 3 meters away. And was told by the delivery driver “good luck, I can not do anything to help” Would highly recommend to stay away if you want your product delivered on time and not cause any disruption to the running of your business!

Rahul Sinha - 2023-05-05

Very bad service, called in on wednesday to confirm delivery dates, was told 5th may (friday), then called in on thursday to double confirm and got told the same thing. Fast forward to friday, nothing until 5pm, called customer care and got told yes will still be delivered today, only later to realise it is being sent back to depot. If you cannot deliver the same day then dont take in onboard or give it to another driver. Unfortunately i had no control on the courier service chose by the seller. Good thing at work we switched over to Yellow Express who don't miss anything, of if they will, they are atleast upfront about it and say cannot deliver today etc.

Nes (nes) - 2023-06-02

qld to my doorstep in syd in 1 day

Angelo Vounaki - 2021-12-04

Fareicam great kind of guys.

A A - 2022-10-19

beware!! Do not use them What a joke.. customer service nonexistent they lost parcel and don't know where they are, they shouldn't be allowed to operate in australia, their service is like a scam.

Kay Hatti - 2023-05-25

Company gets rid of customers spending less than 3k per month. Does not care about their loyal customers who have kept them going all these years.

Vikas Khatta - 2021-09-19

Every transport company is struggling with amount of post in this Covid times and Border Express is not an exception too.. .. but good efforts 👌

Alison Harders - 2021-12-04

Amazing Service and very Prompt delivery....

Tui Kiel - 2022-12-11

Warning don't use this company. Delivery times are shocking & virtually no communication I've had better postal experience in 3rd world countries

James - 2023-04-21

I have been home all day keeping an eye on the tracking which changed to say 'delivered'. The item was not delivered.

Mellisa Rose - 2023-04-11

Truly disgusting company! They delivered packages to my customers for my business covered in white paint which seeped through to the devices inside! They didn’t bother to clean up the white paint mess but rather put shrink wrap on top of it and delivered to my customer like that!!!! Appalling! The customers home, order and clothing were covered in paint!!!!!!!!

Hatzi Hatzi - 2022-11-28

They delivered my parcel to the wrong address, and then it took three weeks to get to the right address.. not even a contact number

Frank Lowe - 2022-07-20

Working at border express for long time now meet people it like a family we respect each other and we now about there family's that good work place to be at

Antonio Trio - 2022-08-28

Delivery guy useless and not willing to do his job properly and customer service even worse! Not service oriented business!

Alice Pike - 2022-08-23

Don't even want to give 1 star as they are a terrible courier service... the company my parcel was coming from sent it on Aug 11, it was scanned into a local area Aug 12 and then sat there for 11days... multiple emails and phone calls to their so called customer service team expressing my frustrations got me nowhere... promises they would chase it up with the local subcontractor and then report back to me didn't happen, making me question whether they chased it up at all... I opted for collection as there was no ETA despite being 30mins from me... Covid was given as one reason for no ETA, and then I was told the subcontractor didn't have it in the right area cage (so I feared it had been lost) Originally the company who sent the package got minimal response to their enquiries as well, but after a phone call to them today expressing my frustrations they got onto the courier company and suddenly the package had been found and I was able to collect... I hope to never have a reason to deal with this courier service again

Hooman Cat Slave - 2022-05-26

"Committed to deliver 100%"... just always late, never on time. Dope.

Liz Armstrong - 2022-10-08

This company is the worst courier company I’ve ever encountered. Do not use them! I still haven’t received my rather valuable package after 3weeks of calls and emails to them. I suspect it is stolen and will be reporting to the police. Next stop Department of Fair Trade. Keep away from these crooks!

Bee - 2022-09-14

My first experience receiving a delivery from Border Express and they have been very patient with my chopping and changing my availability for the delivery. My only recommendation, communication pathway was not clear so I felt I had to reply to the email plus go via the QR Code contact. But all in all. Good!!!

Dominic Booth - 2023-02-03

Hopeless. Had a 3 part delivery come up from melbourne to sydney together , then each of the three packages were delivered on different days over one week. Not only is this frustrating for me, but they must be losing alot of potential income by delivering one order three times!

Laura Maher - 2022-11-30

Rude drivers won't help to carry anything up stairs. Newsflash not everyone lives in a house.

Sam Star - 2022-10-07

I understand why they only have 2.5 stars The can't follow simple instructions that were clear for the driver to see Don't expect any level of service from them

S North Sydney - 2023-01-29

If I could put 0 stars I would. Terrible service - Terrible after service - They don't even know at what time they delivered and to who. And it takes you hours of after service to find that out.

Peter Ashmore - 2023-04-13

Delivery was picked up almost a week ago and tracking said it was in transit for the last two days, still not delivered!

Simon Cheu - 2021-12-28


Andrew Al Gailani - 2021-10-13

Number one transport company. ❤

Adam Brown - 2021-07-11

Quick delivery of 30kg package from Melbourne to Sydney during Sydney lockdown.

Brian Chan - 2022-12-07

The worst experience with this company ever. On 2 separate deliveries, I have received an email saying it will be delivered during the day. But it was somehow going back and forth between Melbourne and Sydney while I am located in Sydney. The notification system is a joke and customer service are not able to help you at all. Delivery drivers are great but their system is just a joke and the worst thing ever.

Lea Lea - 2022-12-16


Shaun Austin - 2022-10-27

Always willing to help

James Hoare - 2021-05-31

A cool place to work in a good environment.

Rohaan Taneja - 2022-12-06

Took 3 weeks to get something delivered from Sydney port to an address in Sydney. Shipping with sea freight from China was quicker than this. Customer service kept telling me BX did not have the crate but i would occassionally get a call from the BX depot saying they would deliver it the nex day. After taking many days of work waiting for the delivery, i had to take another day off work to drive out to their depot to collect it myself. Even there they said they didnt have it. I refused to leave and they looked around the warehouse and magically found it. Have told my freight forwarder to never use this company again.

Laurelle Sheedy - 2022-07-18

My first experience having a delivery with border express. Driver called me when delivering goods. He was very helpful with the large carton and was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Wish I had gotten his name to give him a mention.

Andrew Glover - 2021-04-26

The agencies they use are pocketing people's wages

Grahame Aggio - 2022-07-19

Useless, I contacted this company three weeks ago regarding a parcel that was not ours. No one has bothered to pick it up

Ryan Beech - 2022-03-23

My parcel arrived 3 days earlier than expected the delivery driver was absolutely fantastic the best logistic experience I've ever had in over 30yrs I thoroughly recommend border express to any individual or company who is expecting a service which goes above and beyond your expectations a 2nd pair of undies may be required from such an exhilarating experience

Caitlin Toohey - 2022-10-04

Just wanted to say a big thank you to Alison for all your deliveries to Ora Health/Figtale in Brookvale. You are an absolute GEM! Thank you for the exceptionally helpful and friendly services, as always. I am sure we will see you again soon!

Martin Loke - 2023-01-25

My package has been sitting at whetherill park warehouse for a week now. I would hate to work with this company. Incompetent.

Paul - 2022-10-06

06 Oct 15:04 Delivered PPCK26338274 Delivered Not I;m at home and it was not Delivered

Emma Kerr - 2022-01-14

Great experience with border express. Item arrived on expected ETA. Ordered on Tuesday and it arrived this morning (Friday). Customer service from delivery driver was great too. Couldn't fault them :) Thanks

Susan Shi - 2022-06-15

Poor internal communications. They came before the communicated due date twice even though I wasn’t home to collect the large parcel and told them explicitly I wasn’t available until the due date their originally gave to me. Took a day off on the due date to be at home to collect the parcel, and of course they didn’t show up and I didn’t receive any communications. Really disappointed and wasted my time. They came on the day after and the driver was really wonderful and helped me carry up the items up a lot of stairs. I wanted to tip him but he wouldn’t accept. Great drivers, just wish internal comms was better.

Kelly - 2021-03-11

I had a good experience with them. Item from melb to syd delivered overnight so it was super fast and the ETA was accurate. Thank you

Daphi Kiselstein - 2022-09-05

The worst SHIPPING COMPANY! Do not send anything with this company as they lose your orders and they don't even deliver on time!