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Aramex Albury, North Albury NSW

😁We have dealt with Aramex Albury for many years now and have found all staff to be very helpful and ...
😡They were paid to deliver a parcel to me and then refused to because I lived outside their area. Th...

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Aramex Albury, North Albury NSW
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Leslie Drive, North Albury NSW, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone +61 1300327892
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Chambers Rosewood Vineyards - 2023-08-15

We have dealt with Aramex Albury for many years now and have found all staff to be very helpful and courteous. We deal with the online freight system and direct phone communication. Neale and Nina are our regular pick up and drop off team. They are both kind, friendly and efficient. Great to have good old fashioned service! From all the Chambers Crew :)

Andrew Robinson - 2023-08-13

The best delivery couriers in Albury. Once they get to the depot here they are delivered within a day every time. Super reliable. The delivery boxes are always in great condition, left in agreed spot when I am not home. They also always ring the doorbell or knock. I get a lot of deliveries and I am always happy when I see they are coming via Aramex.

Bronya Sutcliffe - 2023-08-10

This couple are the nicest and friendliest couriers I’ve ever met. Nothing is too heavy or too much trouble. Always happy to give people a five star rating and these two deserve it. Look forward to our next delivery.

R H - 2023-08-21

Colin delivered two large parcels perfectly. He brought them quickly to the door in a friendly and professional manner. Received an email beforehand alerting me to the delivery that day - made sure I was home. Compliments and thanks to Aramax for the pleasant delivery experience. Couldn't have asked for more!

Cindy Whitfield - 2023-08-12

The courier, Paul who delivers in my area is always a pleasure to deal with. Rain, hail or shine he is always well mannered and on time. The parcels through Amazon are also delivered quicker than the competitors.

Mel & Dave - 2023-08-17

Once again Colin delivered our parcel professionally for Aramex with a smile. Our orders always arrive in great condition so we are very happy with the service provided. Thanks again Colin!

Lindsay Mack - 2023-08-23

We have been receiving deliveries from Amarex Albury for a number of years now. Delivery driver Colin is always professional, proficient and so diligent with his deliveries. On occasions when we're not home, he always makes sure to put our parcels in a safe and secure spot. His lovely smile is the icing on top! Even our dog loves him. Thanks Colin ✌️

Zclub Racing - 2023-08-10

We've been regularly organizing logistics via Aramex and Stephen (our local driver) is always happy, polite and punctual with all collections or deliveries. Just cannot beat excellent Customer Service with a smile!

Kate K - 2023-08-17

They were paid to deliver a parcel to me and then refused to because I lived outside their area. They expected me to drive 46 km each way to their depot to collect a $24 parcel. Finally got them to deliver to my daughter, 30km away, so I could at least collect it on my next visit. So Aramex, if you don't deliver to an area, don't accept the job in the first place.

Pat Nichols - 2023-08-22

I have experienced excellent service from Aramex Albury. Packages have been usually delivered by Colin who has been very courteous and friendly. Very happy to continue to have deliveries through this courier.

Andrew Glen - 2023-08-14

Fantastic service and delivery. Colin takes pride in his work and I definitely appreciate the extra distance he goes to ensure the safe and quick devilvery of all my items. Totally recommend for any deliveries in this region. Andrew

Ari Mackenzie - 2023-08-09

I get a LOT of parcels delivered, and regularly at that. Colin is our local delivery guy and he's great. Always leaves our parcels wherever instructed, always in a safe spot (out of sight from the road) and always knocks on our window or door to let us know, if we're home. Says hi, and heads off. I know Aramex can get a bad wrap (what postal service doesn't honestly) but Colin really raises the bar. Our parcels arrive earlier in the day than other postal services, and 99/100 on time, and undamaged.

Robyn Roland - 2023-08-22

We always find Aramex to delivery promptly and all parcels arrive safely. Our couriers , Neale and Nina are fabulous people, they are polite and friendly and deliver our heavy parcels to our doorstep. Thank you Neale and Nina. Robyn, Howlong

Ted Llamas - 2023-08-15

Steve is excellent. He has been and continues to be our local courier for about 2 years now. Definitely 5 stars!

Laurie Hitchon - 2023-08-15

Very happy with Steve, our Aramex delivery man. He is always polite when we do meat and leaves parcels in the correct place more than happy with him.

Norma Garrett - 2023-08-21

Steve who delivers to me is courteous, friendly and always has a smile. If I'm not home he leaves the delivery in a secure place which is greatly appreciated. Thank you Steve!

Jean Kingston - 2023-08-11

Neale and Nina provide great service. Great communication and care for our items. Highly recommend 👌 👍 Jean from Pfeiffer Wines

Admin_ Crre - 2023-08-09

Neale & Nina have been servicing our area for quite some time. Neal and Nina always have a smile and a positive outlook. 10/10 would recommend.

Venetta Pinn - 2023-08-09

Neale and Nina are fantastic. Very accomodating, friendly and super efficient. We are lucky to have such wonderful old fashioned service.

Charles Hansen - 2023-08-11

Everytime the Aramex Van pulls up, I know that Colin will be at the front door with his beautiful manners. It's such a delight to have such wonderful people such as Colin to greet and receive!

Hayley Sorensen - 2023-08-18

Neale & Nina are always super quick with delivery. I order the night before and it always arrives the next day. They are very lovely people.

Liz Mudie - 2023-08-17

We get some of our packages delivered through Aramex, they are fast and efficient. The courier Steve, who delivers some of our packages, is very polite and friendly.

Jim Fairweather - 2023-08-17

Nearest and Nina have been great. Every delivery has arrived and placed safely if I am not home.

Ruth Weller - 2023-08-11

We send alot of parcels and Neale and Nina are fantastic, always polite and helpful, when collecting them. The guys in the Albury office are helpful when we need to follow up on any.

Tier 1 Auto - 2023-08-10

Being a newly formed busiess in the local area, supplying Parts and Accessories to customers across the country, we arrange logistics with Aramex among many other carriers. If using Aramex, were always greeted by Steve (Stephen) in a very friendly, approachable and professional way. Just makes every transaction a great experience, knowing that our products are going to be shipped with peole that care and arrive in 1 piece.

Emma_1 - 2023-08-10

Amazing service, on time and excellent polite and courteous service. SERVICE WITH A SMILE 🙂 Cheers Colin 🤙

James Gowlett - 2023-06-27

Absolutely the worst parcel carrier. 6 out of my last 8 packages late. Some sitting in warehouse for over a week before getting dispatched. Used to use them for our fresh food business but when it takes them 8 business days to deliver a package only 90 minutes away the food ( packed in ice and a cool carton suitable for upto 3 days at correct temperature and clearly labelled as a fresh product) the food was completely ruined as well as extremely late. Will not use again. I'd like to say that firstly the issues are mainly from the Sydney depot but the Albury branch is very slow most times

Leia Brand - 2023-08-22

Neale and Nina are awesome couriers always go above and beyond when delivering parcels awesome work guys keep it up. Highly recommend aramex.

Peter Tait - 2023-08-21

Neale & Nina offer a great, friendly service. Always very helpful and knowledgeable with any queries on deliveries.

Jenine Tangen - 2023-08-09

Stephen is always on time with deliveries and never fails to greet you with a smile. If you want your goods delivered promptly and without damage I'd highly recommend asking for him by name.

Man Zone - 2020-08-13

We have found the staff at Fastway Couriers Albury to be very helpful when we required the services of a courier for the online side to our business. Fantastic service & professional, friendly staff both at the depot & my local courier, Craig.

Sylvia Maloney - 2023-08-17

Neale and Nina are both super awesome best service!! parcels always arrive safe and delivered with a smile

Rish Dre - 2023-08-22

Neale and Nina are really good. Always on time when they pick up your parcel or when they deliver they always leave your parcel in a safe place . Happy with there service 🥰

Elizabeth Morgan - 2023-08-09

I've use Aramex Albury for both sending and receiving business parcels on a weekly for years, and have found Neale and Nina to be fast, friendly and professional. Highly recommend!

Mitchell Ladd - 2023-08-16

Neale and Nina are efficient and Prompt when delivering our packages, they are friendly and down to earth and make receiving our delivery’s quick and easy! Thanks guys!

Laura Mcleod - 2023-08-09

Colin was efficient and super friendly - even sending a text to confirm my address to make sure of a seamless delivery! Very happy with my experience with Aramex :)

Aviator 927 - 2023-08-22

My delivery guy, Colin, is always cheerful and friendly, always neatly dressed and nothing is any trouble to him. A great ambassador for the company.

Raylene Williams - 2023-08-23

Great courier service .. always friendly and Collin is always very helpful if you have any concerns with your delivery .. good communication skills and guaranteed delivery 🚚

Chanhui Kim - 2023-08-17

Neale and Nina been good to deliver my parcel so nicely! Thanks guys

Ellen Seabright - 2023-08-15

Neale and Nina are always friendly when delivering my packages and if I'm not home they always have them in a secure place for me to find .

Kate Hudson - 2023-08-20

Colin is always efficient and friendly! Very happy that he is our local courier.

Caitlyn Gillon - 2023-08-09

Neale and Nina are always happy to help in arranging pick-ups and prompt in replying to their customers, never an issue with these 2

Lance Grundy - 2023-08-18

If you want prompt and efficient delivery service, I thoroughly recommend Aramex delivery by Neale and Nina. Excellent 👌 Lance Grundy.

Tabitha Williams - 2023-08-09

fantastic service and very friendly staff. thank you to our local courier Neale and Nina who deliver to our business and home in Corowa NSW. great job guys

Andrew Pech - 2023-08-14

Colin always makes his deliveries with a warm smile and a friendly attitude. Keep up the great work Aramex!

Jenny Chandler - 2023-08-15

Great service. Promptly delivered with respect and courtesy. Steve is the best.

Jolleen Jellett - 2023-08-09

Colin has always demonstrated a professional standard, is very polite and friendly and leaves my packages in appropriate places.

Tyson Pascoe - 2023-08-09

Neale & Nina always drop off my parcels with a smile and a positive outlook, keep up the great work.

Josh Whelan - 2023-08-09

Our local Aramex drivers Neale & Nina are always willing to go the extra step for us and are excellent to deal with every day.

Angela - 2023-08-17

Always been very happy with the Aramex service in Albury; Steve does a great job, we've never had a problem.