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😁It's always a pleasure every time Cliff (004) delivers. You will never get another guy like him, alw...
😡Absolutely atrocious company to deal with as the other newest comments have stated, ordered somethin...

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Fastway Couriers Perth, Welshpool WA
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Treasure Road North, Welshpool WA, Australia
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Telephone +61 1300327892
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Ben Rebello - 2023-08-15

It's always a pleasure every time Cliff (004) delivers. You will never get another guy like him, always smiling always cheerful... wish other drivers or couriers could learn a thing or two from him. He makes the day worth it

Daniel Mcmahon - 2023-06-02

The cheapest service I could find and good service. Only thing is can't call them directly and need to go into the depot. But, well worth it.

Norcoryde1231 - 2022-02-11

Absolutely atrocious company to deal with as the other newest comments have stated, ordered something of eBay weeks ago, tracking info says it’s still in Sydney has been for weeks. Try to get in contact via there chat service wait for hours for a generic message saying they will look into it and close chat, try to get some email communication going just no reply, honestly hope they shut up shop soon This must be happening 100’s of times a week it’s just not good enough.

Liam Ivory (the Mediocre Reaper) - 2022-01-07

Messaged Steve Best for information on the status of my package. Received a call back from Steve within 10mins. Steve was incredibly polite and courteous. He explained that the package would be delivered the following day and it was. Loved that Aramex made it easy to contact my areas delivery person and that Steve was so quick and willing to respond.

Stefan Pedeferri - 2023-01-24

A leopard can't change its spots!! Fastway>Aramex still the same snail service, still waiting on items from Amazon ordered in November 22!! Items still in Vic, I'm in Perth and it's almost February!! *Update* 24/1/23 contacted Amazon who are using Aramex couriers... Turns out package is lost!! No contact from the courier left in the dark. Honestly don't know how this company is still I'm business, I'm better off walking to the other side of the country to pick up my items honest to god

Mark M - 2021-12-29

Photos Below show how quickly they ended the conversation with no help at all for "UNSAFE DROPPING" My parcel in direct View of the public. Which will probably be stolen by the time I get home. This is not the first time they have done this, these couriers are by far the worst courier service on the planet, extremely unprofessional, customer service is always rude (had a few issues with this mob) Read the other reviews 0 stars

Darshit Karkar - 2023-07-22

Using Aramex Perth for our office/workshop shipments, always easy to order, never a problem, pick up on time (very co-operative courier guy). Same day or Max next day delivery Locally - No billing issues - getting follow up calls/messages for delivery/pickups. Been with them for years, and never thought of changing. Thanks Aramex Perth.

Leisa Chamberlain - 2023-08-04

Friendly service. Cliff Smith 004 is the nicest, most pleasant gentleman. Rarely do you see over and above service like Cliff delivers. Thankful it still exists. Boosts my day.

Stephen Dumble - 2023-08-04

We have products from Independence Australia for our disabled son delivered on a regular basis by Aramex. Cliff Smith is our man! We rely heavily on these deliveries and Cliff is always dependable, courteous and above all has a great happy personality. Thank you Aramex and Cliff

Artecius - 2023-08-14

Absolutely the worst delivery company in Australia. The only ones who consistently fail deliveries. Have had to email and ring multiple times to confirm the address. Business Address on the corner of a roundabout and is impossible to miss. Failed delivery twice so far. This is the only company that has failed delivery. I hope they go bankrupt so Australians don't have to be subject to their useless delivery staff any further. Everytime these guys are used as my delivery for the parcel. They always take 2-4x longer to handle and deliver the parcel and either deliver to the wrong address or don't deliver it at all. Absolutely hopeless. Do not recommend them whatsoever. I normally don't leave reviews but their constant poor performance has annoyed me to no end.

Taylah Grunwaldt - 2023-08-14

We greatly appreciate the fantastic service provided to our customers and our business by Alex Bogoni. He truly goes above and beyond to ensure our deliveries are handled with care, and we appreciate his friendly manner and efficiency. Thank you Alex, and Aramex for your great service.

Emma Hart - 2022-02-01

Took a week longer than expected to get to WA but floods,COVID issues etc obviously have an effect. Was told it was coming Friday. Didn’t arrive so worried after all the negative reviews but safely delivered Saturday with large box in good condition. Very happy. 5 stars if quicker!!

Brodie Simpson - Mettle Gifts - 2022-08-12

We love the team at Aramex Perth, they are professional, reliable and so speedy. They always guarantee next day delivery, sometimes if I am lucky Daniele has delivered it the same day! Daniele always arrives with a smile and is pleasure to work with. We have never had any issues with damages to parcels or delays in delivery. Thank you team :)

Stu Bowman - 2023-01-19

WishI could give zero stars I had three packages from Canada They refused to deliver to my parcel locker or to my nearest post office They didn’t answer the phone the three times I rang them when I got through was on hold for 25 minutes then told they will call me back, they didn’t After contacting the shop in Canada they told me in January 5 to go pick up When I drove an hour to pick them up they said they had been returned to sender Get this, they said they tried to call me on wait for it…my parcel locker number!!! It’s literally nothing like a phone number What the actual f ? The only good thing was Michelle on the counter in Welshpool , she was caring helpful courteous and lovely everything else is just awful 5 stars for Michelle 0 for Aramex

P Smith - 2023-02-16

I found Aramex to be highly professional and very contactable. They were very helpful with my order from the UK which arrived in tact and very fast. Big shout out to Shannon for going the extra mile.

Jordan Swain - 2022-12-22

Absolutely terrible service, and zero care given I've had an inquiry in for nearly a week and followed up daily at around 10am regarding an item they can't give me any information on Every time I call they promise to get back to me within 24 hours and I have to follow it up and every time I get no answers all promises to get back in contact with me I'm pretty sure as it hasn't been scanned into the sending depot the driver has stolen it or lost it but I can only guess They can't even tell me where it is or what they are doing about finding it and sending it It been 2 weeks since it was picked up and it hasn't moved more than a few km?

Sorellas Nook - 2023-06-30

I would give a zero star if I could. Don't use this company if you're looking for reliable delivery. No missed delivery card/s were left when several attempts were made to deliver. No phone call or email to let me know an attempt was made. If the sender didn't contact me to see if I had received the shipment, I wouldn't have known the status. I then called to re-book a delivery and again no driver has turned up on the rescheduled day. Went onto their website and entered the tracking number and discovered that they have dropped it off at some drop-off point without even trying to re-deliver. Had to call again to re-book another day. I'll be lucky to get this shipment at this rate. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID!

Paddy Mac - 2023-07-12

A little nervous when I found all the reviews online, but nothing to complain about in my case. Prompt delivery, updates on shipping status online regularly and delivery at first attempt. Seems like they’re upping their service!

Phil Gooch - 2023-08-11

Great service from Coman Wong, our local Aramex guy. Always friendly and professional, pickup and delivery always at a regular time which makes planning shipments from our small business easier. A pleasant change from the alternative company we used before who were none of these things!

James Byrne - 2023-07-21

We use Aramex often for local deliveries. 95% of them are timely and have no problems. My local driver who collects my parcels daily is fantastic, friendly and helpful. Unfortunately, when we had issues earlier in the year the customer service was none existent. They were regularly missing pickups, deliveries were delayed and no one was able or willing to help me. I am hopeful after the last 2 or 3 months of minimal issues, that maybe things are picking up now.

Eldre Wensley - 2022-08-04

Noah Danby our local courier is a friendly and helpful young man and we are very happy with his service. He always smile even when he gets rained wet. Thank you for the good service. Blessings Providence Christian College

Matt Vapor - 2022-02-10

Courier left my parcel at the gate, instead of the door. I wouldn’t have known it was there and could’ve easily been stolen. My local Aust Post legend brought it to my door and made me aware of where your courier left it. Avoid this company at all costs.

Sharon Morris - 2022-02-04

I have no idea why Amazon use this company, my parcel didn't arrive when scheduled, Amazon contacted me to offer a refund, I called Aramex first to see what had happened, was informed they couldn't drop at the safe location listed by Amazon and needed another address, They had not contacted me at any point to discuss this. I explained I wasn't prepared to have the expensive package ($600 camera lens) left at my doorstep so they needed to provide an alternative safe place, which they refused to do. Just the most incompetent and unreliable service for. company with such a large contract as Amazon. Avoid at all costs.

Emma Bradley - 2020-08-06

Super happy with the service! Aaron is my driver and he is always very friendly and helpful. Even goes out his way to make sure all of my last minute pickups are collected to make the truck to the East Coast. Meaning the service is always quicker than Aus Post! Definitely the best courier I've had for my business.

Nailsnailsgoodinbed - 2022-02-14

It would be quicker to walk to China and back than wait for Aramex to deliver your package from there. Edit: I have utilised your services again, not by choice, and the outcome has been far worse. 🙃

Lynnley Mckeen - 2023-07-28

My local courier delivery driver for approximately 3 years since my first delivery, Yadish 013 is worth 10+ stars. He always phones before he drops in with a parcel, is always polite, professional and very efficient. He has an excellent manner, always greets with a smile and is always well groomed. A top courier driver and well deserves a mention for excellent service of my postage deliveries and an asset to Aramex Couriers.

Susan Fraser - 2022-08-31

I have been very happy with the service, efficiency and communications while dealing with Aramex Delivery Unlimited. Our recent courier “NOAH DANBY” has been especially efficient and friendly in his service that he has provided. It is pleasure as a customer to deal with a person who has such a positive attitude. He is quite an asset to the company. Thanks again

Trevor Adair - 2022-02-03

Absolutely horrific. Do not use under any circumstances. If you are having packages delivered, then contact the vendor beforehand to make sure they are not using Aramex if you want to actually receive your packages. Every single time someone ships with Aramex, it ends up severley delayed. They can provide no tracking information, other than it was shipped. If you ring, they just say it's in transit and don't know where it currently is or when it will arrive. Sometimes they "escalate", which appears to do absolutely nothing. How are they still in business? Why on earth would anyone use them? Stay away if you value your sanity. Wish I could give 0 stars.

Deeg - 2022-03-24

This company needs to be dissolved or something, How are you going to tell me that you manage to "misplace" a $350 Item and not tell me about it until I enquire about it, customer service is horrendous, they don't even get back to your emails and phone calls, people that use this company as a third party courier should sign a contract with literally anyone else. If you have a say in it, make sure its not something expensive being sent/sending through these people

Sheefa Yusof - 2021-05-07

Too slow for an "EXPRESS" delivery. Because of them taking their sweet time delivering our parcel, our business has lost an opportunity to join a huge sale. Customer service is the worst ever. "For a quick respond, please use our live chat" Waited for couple of hours, no one attended me. 1 star is actually more than what they deserve!

M Stinson - 2023-02-09

Absolutely pathetic service - parcel has now been sitting in a depot in SA for 10 days and the only explanation provided after multiple requests boils down to "we're too cheap to pay more staff, it'll get there when it gets there". Useless

Peppermint Yum - 2022-09-23

Bought few items online and seller used Aramex. Delivery took ages to arrive. If you're expecting a delivery from them be ready with PATIENCE of waiting longer than expected. Seller should have the option to use other couriers even if it will cost a little higher.

Josh Walker - 2021-10-19

I cannot comprehend the incompetence of this company. My parcel was attempted to be delivered THREE times, and on not a single one of those times was a calling card left. On not a single one of those times was it left in a safe place like it should have been. They haven’t responded to my two emails. The courier hasn’t answered my calls. And to top it all off the incompetent depot call center can’t seem to get their heads around the fact that I DONT HAVE A CALLING CARD. That’s why I am calling! God this company deserves to go under. Atrocious.

Rosemary Turner - 2022-03-28

This company should lift their game. Absolutely shocking. Still waiting for parcel. I will be checking before i buy anything online if they use this company i will not be buying. Have tried many times to get intouch but nothing.

Souren - 2020-09-07

As if Australia’s posting network wasn’t horrendous enough... These are next level. They’re as fast as a turtle travelling across the country. And oh, their customer service is as great as their speed. Their tracking code is stuck at the send date for two weeks and dude from the customer service tells me it’s sender’s fault 😂 gotta love them.

David Arrow - 2023-08-17

Keith our local Aramex driver is always a pleasure to work with. Friendly, professional, great communication and always happy to accommodate our requests. Thank you very much for the great service Keith!!

David Hayles - 2022-01-07

Makes Australia Post look like a 5 star company. Claim never to have received my parcel from the company. Tracking was rolled back on Aramex tracking system to make it look as though it was never received but luckily I have the original tracking data before it was changed. Emails are ignored and live chat gives a generic answer then says issue solved. Will check when ordering from now on to make sure courier is not Aramex.

Anthony Land - 2023-01-05

Absolutely pathetic.. Tried contacting them and can't even understand there operator. It would be more appropriate if they put people on phones that can speak clearly and appropriately

Craig Brown - 2020-09-29

Even a change in name has not improved the speed of delivery. I've had a small package in transit from Melbourne to Perth and I'm pretty sure someone is walking it across the Nullarbor. Picked up 10/09, in transit from Melbourne 10/09 and still no sign of it arriving at Perth depot let alone then being sent by local courier. They must have the cheapest shipping rates as that can be the only reason people still use them.

Alison Berry - 2022-10-09

Received an email to say ‘We've left your parcel in a safe place at your delivery address, so that's all from us for now.’ I don’t have a parcel. Live in a locked/gated apartment complex. There is no where ‘safe’ you could’ve left this. No response from emails or ‘chat’ function.

Doug Hubble - 2022-08-08

We are delighted with the amazing service we get from Alex Bogoni. He is a wonderful ambassador for Aramex and have no hesitation in recommending him to any potential users. We could big be happier with his fabulous service. Thanks

Scott Ferguson - 2023-08-08

In my life I’ve never had an Aramex/Fastway parcel arrive according to schedule or without issues - and I run an online business so have a lot of parcel deliveries. Without fail they will be late, delivered to wrong addresses, claim attempted delivery when I have video evidence otherwise, or numerous other issues - but they’ll ALWAYS be late. Even when the website says “at depot, will be delivered within 24 hours” you’re looking at minimum 48-72 hours. Even their customer service systems will ask you answer 4-5 questions before telling you they’re closed and need to message/call later! I actively avoid shopping at any website which advises they will use Aramex.

Jay Siyaram - 2023-07-22

The address was incorrect on the label I was receiving from sender side. The Aramex driver called me to get correct address and delivered it correctly with proper condition. Thanks and appreciated the service.

Joel - 2021-12-30

Ordered a gift from MYER on the 1st of December. Still not here. Can't get through to anyone. Tracking has been stuck for about 2 weeks. Lovely.

Kathryn Winsor - 2023-07-27

My parcel is not being delivered. Is "awaiting" delivery at Perth depot for over 7 days. Prior to that, was not picked up from customs for almost a month. No replies to emails. Phone call Lady just says what I can see already on tracking, but still no delivery.

Jp De Longis - 2023-05-24

It appears that times are so tough that transport companies namely Aramex have returned to using transport mechanisms of the early 1900's. Given how long this parcel took to get from Sydney to Perth I can only assume it came via horse and cart. Seriously 2 weeks to get to Perth which is not that bad but then 9 days onboard with driver for the last mile, this should be the quickest bit. On my Radar now and will avoid.

Cleona Alexander - 2023-07-31

A huge shout out to Alex Bogoni for his amazing work. He is always smiling and lights up the mood as soon as he is on site. He is ready to help in any situation and very reliable.

Louise Corteen - 2022-04-13

I absolutely adore my business pick up courier for Aramax. He is amazing. The service from the company is really good in WA (rarely have an issue), but poor elsewhere and if you have a problem it is generally really hard/impossible to get help. Actually I got hung up on today - as in, "there's nothing I can do, thank you have a great day *hangup*"... which pretty much sums it up. Might as well have a message on your 'help' page with those words and save us the trouble of even trying.

Douglas Chai - 2021-01-16

A horrible courier company. Avoid at all cost. I wish I had seen all these terrible reviews about them before hand. Now i am experiencing it first hand. Very poor customer service. Almost impossible to contact them. Taking forever to receive my parcel. Very stressful experience.

Brendo G - 2022-02-07

Parcels take a millennium to be delivered. Honestly getting tired of waiting. 4 parcels yet to be delivered unfortunately so it seems my experience with Aramex will continue well into the indefinite future. It would be quicker to walk to the other side of the country and back.