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Aramex Hobart, Derwent Park TAS

😁This company is pretty good. Every time, a Chinese person named Yi delivers packages to me. He's ver...
😡The deliveryman placed my parcel in a ridiculously open spot saying, “First come, first serve!” Not ...

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Aramex Hobart, Derwent Park TAS
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Gormanston Road, Derwent Park TAS, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone +61 1300327892
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Kangyu Wang - 2023-08-17

This company is pretty good. Every time, a Chinese person named Yi delivers packages to me. He's very friendly, and the packages are always in perfect condition.

Zoey Zhao - 2023-08-17

Yi is my local courier, he is responsible and reliable. He deals with my parcels properly and always delivers on time. Thanks for your excellent job!

Jungah Kim - 2023-08-19

The deliveryman placed my parcel in a ridiculously open spot saying, “First come, first serve!” Not to mention without notification of delivery, and surprise surprise it was stolen. I had to argue with the seller. Luckily I could snatch my second parcel without anyone else taking. One of my top ten luckiest days.☠️☠️☠️

Louise Mcdermott - 2023-07-06

I just had a parcel delivered by Aramax. I watched the man from my window, he could not see me, deliver the parcel to my doorstep without even knocking. It seems leaving on doorsteps qualifies as delivery and knocking seen as time wasting and not part of this delivery service. Even if they don’t wait for me to answer I expect a knock to alert me to the delivery. To just leave on the doorstep is only the option for if I am not home, not the go to for lazy couriers to get the job done quickly and without care. This happened to my friend also yesterday when she was home too. Not acceptable. You are a delivery service, do your job properly.

Md Abu Bakr Siddique Prince - 2023-08-16

Fast service. Been looked after well by Prince with excellent customer service

Wulfric Houndhammer - 2023-03-16

Terrible courier service. On two occasions now they've failed to knock which has led to the parcel being stolen off my doorstep. They didn't even try to hide it, despite ample areas to do so. When I called to ask, they said "it's not a requirement to knock anymore." Someone was home all day to collect, but I had no idea to expect the package as they didn't send an "out for delivery" email until it had already been delivered, which I only saw once it had already been stolen! And since nobody knocked, we didn't know it had even arrived until it was already gone! There are some pretty small steps here that Aramex could have taken just to make this smoother but they failed at every turn. I already lodged a ticket with their website but as that's their own company's service they're obviously not going to admit to any fault. I tried to follow up with them on it, but no response. Typical. Useless. If you have the option, I strongly advise avoiding this incompetent company.

Mohamed Rikkas Razeek - 2023-04-21

No reliable. 10 days to transfer a courier from Sydney to Hobart on express post. The item was sent from overseas on an express post on 10.04.2023. It arrived in Sydney on 15.05.2023 and cleared the customs and and the tracking show it is being transferred to Hobart from 17.04.2023 and it is still in Sydney as of today (21.04.2023). When we called and checked today we were told it will be delivered on 26.04.2023. It takes more than 10 days to deliver from Sydney to Hobart? You gotta be kidding me. Even on normal post it takes maximum 3 days to deliver from Sydney to Hobart in other courier services. But more than 10 days, seriously? They say that from Sydney to Hobart, it is not an express service. Then why did you charge express fee if you can't do it? We were told it comes on truck and ferry to Hobart. How on earth does it take 10 days to transport it via road and sea between Sydney and Hobart. It would take maximum 2-3 days only. The tracking is still showing the parcel is just sitting in Sydney since 17.04.2023. Customer service is very rude. We chatted with their customer support. We asked that where we can put a review. They did not answer for it and they said they will keep an eye on it and closed the chat saying the ticket is closed even before I reply. so rude.

Dq Pan - 2023-08-17

Thanks Yi for delivering my heavy articles. You are a kind person, and have a good service for delivering.

Yimiao Xie - 2023-08-17

Great delivery experience through one of very friendly driver, Yi, appreciate ur laugh and customer service, i wish i could give u more then 5 star, thanks again a happy client from Midway point

Xavier Russell - 2023-06-23

No idea who this is , but have 5 stars anyway . Beers and reviews , everyone gets 5 stars when I'm happy 🍺🍺

Zo Cher - 2023-06-27

Why there's no zero star? I cannot express enough how utterly disgusted and humiliated I feel after dealing with the Hobart franchise's customer service. If there was an option for negative stars, they would deserve every single one of them. Prepare yourself for a rant fueled by anger and frustration because that's exactly how I was treated throughout this entire ordeal. Last week, I had the unfortunate experience of having to contact Hobart franchise not once, not twice, but a whopping five times, all to inquire about the delivery status of my parcel. Each time I called, I was fed the same rehearsed line that the parcel would arrive the next day. Foolishly, I trusted their words and extended my days-off, staying at home like a prisoner in my own house every single day. Imagine my shock and disbelief when, on a Tuesday, while I was patiently waiting at home, I received an email from Kogan informing me of a failed delivery attempt. Failed delivery attempt? Seriously? No one even bothered to buzz my apartment, and there was absolutely no card left in our mailbox. It's clear as day that no delivery attempt was made whatsoever. To make matters worse, there was no communication from the Hobart franchise regarding the status of my bulky parcel (a bed frame). Not a single text, email, or heads-up about the expected delivery day. It's utterly ridiculous that a company in this day and age can't even bother to update their website with accurate delivery information. But wait, it gets even better. Today, in my desperate attempt to salvage this nightmare, I called once again to see what could be done. Enter Scot, who arrogantly claimed to be a manager at Aramex Hobart franchise. Instead of offering any form of assistance or empathy, he had the audacity to hang up the phone on me simply because I was daring to voice my valid complaints about their abysmal services. I can't help but feel that I was racially profiled and abused throughout this whole ordeal. It's mind-boggling that I paid a significant amount of money for delivery from the mainland, only to receive such low standard services in return. It's nothing short of a slap in the face. In conclusion, if you value your sanity, your time, and your self-respect, stay far away from the Hobart franchise. Their customer service is an absolute disgrace, and their treatment of customers is abominable. They have no regard for professionalism, accountability, or basic human decency. Spare yourself the headache and find a company that actually values their customers.

Alice Z (alice) - 2023-08-17

Yi's team is very patient and punctual, deliver ma parcel with giod condition on time. Thank you!

Duy Nghi - 2023-08-17

The parcel was delivered on time by Yi ! I am happy with the service

Rosemary Brown - 2023-07-25

Excellent service the problem was on our part, very happy with the outcome.

Weizhen Zhang - 2023-08-17

Excellent job done by Yi! Thank you so much!

Chandler Ding - 2023-08-17

I'm a regular at Aramex hobart. I've used their shipping and receiving gigs more times than I can count. They bring the heat with their sweet prices and a crew that's seriously pro. Gotta give a shoutout to Yi, the boss around my hood. This dude's all smiles, serving pro-level vibes. He's deadset dedicated, takes things seriously, and he's got the patience of a saint. Big props to the Aramex crew for having Yi on deck👍🏻

Boxue Zhang - 2023-08-17

Excellent service. Excellent deliverymen“ Yi ”

J Z - 2023-08-17

Excellent job done, thank you Yi!

Manpreet Singh - 2022-07-28

Great service and Tarsem in the office is very helpful.

Mengfan Wang - 2022-08-14

Good service from Gary, fast and safe.

Modan Z - 2022-08-13

friendly staff,good service👍🏻

Yulia Zhang - 2022-08-04

Very satisfied with Jack’s high quality service and he is very friendly 👍

Da Sol Kim - 2022-08-24

Thanks to Gary, he did really nice job

Rose Scott - 2022-07-28

Great service, fast and friendly.

Petah Long - 2023-06-17

Parcel was delivered to the wrong address. Which was nothing like mine. After a phone call to the depot I had to then load an online complaint to have the parcel redelivered which the company did. If I had not been proactive I would not have received it at all.

Zimo Han - 2023-08-17

Parcel received. Thanks for your delivery Yi. Nice job🤝

Scott Mcintosh - 2022-08-03

Tarsem is very good at what he does

S Turin - 2022-06-18

I see is homeCo coming In Roxburgh park

H Jane - 2022-02-11

The guy in the phone was not nice and obviously inpatient. Thanks for ruining my day.

Yue Liang - 2022-08-25

Good service of Gary. Always fast and professional.

Yi Zhou - 2022-08-24

Excellent courier by Gary, safe, fast and friendly

Ahmed Sheku - 2022-08-04

Employees always went above and beyond to assist. A wonderful experience, and highly recommended

Seacap - 2022-08-02

Great service in a tight time frame for an important delivery. Sam was amazing with his customer service. I would recommend very highly.

Kieran F - 2022-07-28

William is excellent, no complaints

Liliinq Xo - 2022-08-31

Friendly staff and great service.

Sandie Wiggins - 2022-08-18

Efficient, timely and friendly.

Grizzlytasbear - 2021-07-30

Have not let me down when it comes to delivering.

Yeling Lan - 2022-08-02

The delivery boy Eric was so helpful, he delivered it very quickly, kudos to him.

Stephen Ma - 2022-08-24

Good service. Deliver on time and left in safe place. Good job by Gary

Feng Li - 2022-08-14

Gerry is very good delivery driver. 5 star service.

David Staley - 2022-10-14

I received a very quick and very efficient service from Aramex, the courier was very friendly and extremely helpful. I was expecting a bulky and heavy package from Melbourne and it arrived at my door in Hobart in less than two days. I was kept well informed at every stage of the items journey, Very good 👍 Kind regards David

Jesse Lovell - 2022-08-02

Brian is always on time and friendly! Happy with his service.

Jass Sodha - 2022-08-08

Great service .staff member Tarsem helps me a lot.highly recommend

Cj 7 - 2022-07-28

William is absolutely fantastic always professional and goes out of his way to help out.

Frances Tang - 2022-07-27

Jason is super nice, reliable and efficient. 200 out of 100 marks Love from dispatch ;)

Tara Barton - 2022-12-07

Thanks for the speedy, cost effective and hassle free service. As a first time user of Aramex Hobart, using their interstate service, I had a great experience and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Happycamp Mobilphone - 2022-08-25

The service is very good, Pick up on time, especially Andrew provides a very good customer experience.

Gordie Badenville - 2023-01-29

Packages were left in plain view of the street with no discretion. The packages were unsurprisingly stolen by the time I had gotten home. After receiving photos of the delivery, you can see that the packages have been placed in such a visually obvious location that anyone driving by would have been able to see it. One packages also had signature required. I've had many packages delivered in the past with nil issues. I spoke to a very polite gentleman at the Derwent part office who was apologetic but unable to assist with any solutions except asking the sender to resolve. I currently would not recommend this carrier and intead use a more experienced operator.

Cassius Ellis - 2023-03-16

Delivery was left exposed to rain, and clearly visible from the street. I was home with my car in the driveway and there was no knock at the door? Poor service...

Jassmine Smith - 2021-11-04

Cheap courier service, that delivers a cheap service. will not be getting anything delivered from businesses that use this service.