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Fastway Couriers (Devonport), Devonport TAS

😁Been using Aramex Devonport since the opening of our business to send and received parcels from Devo...
😡Indian run flop company. Quotes low to get the job,then wont deliver to your address and wont answer...

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Fastway Couriers (Devonport), Devonport TAS
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Hiller Street, Devonport TAS, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone +61 1300327892
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Budget Salon Supplies - 2023-08-15

Been using Aramex Devonport since the opening of our business to send and received parcels from Devonport and surrounding areas. Never have any issues with services or the parcels. Courier drivers and the teams in Devonport depot are very well trained, great customers service skills. Keep up the good work team.

Asmita Kayastha - 2023-08-15

Deliveries from Aramex has always been stress free. Absolutely love their customer service. I would love to see them grow even bigger and expand their business.

Prakash Chalise - 2023-08-15

Great team at aramex Devonport. Timely delivery and friendly staffs. Very good atmosphere and customer oriented services.

Kranthi Kumar Alampally - 2023-08-16

They have a great service and am so Happy with customers service.All staff are friendly. I would highly recommend to use Aramex to every one

Shaima Afrin Esha - 2023-08-15

Very satisfied with the customer service of Aramex Devonport.All staffs are very friendly and reliable.I would highly recommend to other to use as well.

Andrew Groves - 2023-08-07

We receive the best service and our drivers are the best with service that is 5 star I would recommend Aramex to everybody

Tim Dover - 2023-08-18

Dev and Supriya are very nice to work with when picking up and delivering packages from the depot.

Kamrul Islam - 2023-08-15

very satisfied and reliable,always deliver on time and responsive.

Straight Up (o) - 2023-08-21

Indian run flop company. Quotes low to get the job,then wont deliver to your address and wont answer the phone and has no shop front for you to claim your non delivered freight! Dont go there. Check out all their fake fellow indian mates fake reviews! Seriously twisted!

Rachille Price - 2021-08-23

Great customer service today by Ghulam… we appreciate you patience and humour

Mark Tyler - 2021-08-26

Great service from my delivery driver, always cheerful "Roman"

Tarsem - 2022-08-03

Dev in operations team is very helpful always.

B.d Sapkota - 2023-08-11

Best service in Devonport..early morning service..keep it up👍👍

Sadia Islam - 2023-08-15

Freindly service, fast delivery, fast response.Highly recommend

Prasam Ghimire - 2023-08-14

Been here few times to pick up my parcel.. really good and friendly staff…

Anissa Bourn - 2021-08-19

Ghulam is a well presented, extremely efficient and very friendly courier

Corey Daniels - 2021-09-02

Friendly service fast delivery fast response highly recommended

Ross Kelly - 2023-05-05

Response to your standard copy and paste reply, is for you to refer to exiting ticket #7522400 Should not be in courier business, false pretence of accepting to deliver to labelled address, for when it comes to delivering they then say it's outside their delivery zone, in turn we the recipient have to pickup the item from THEIR nominated locations, hope they go out of business, totally unacceptable compared to their competition, sooner they go out of business, the better we'll be without a such dysfunctional fraudulent Depo/Company!

Tim Mason - 2023-08-11

Awesome service from Dev and Supreya.

Nardia Taylor - 2021-08-26

Ghulam is always super friendly and helpful!

Amy Timko (tasmithy6) - 2022-01-20

Excellent service every time.

Sarpreet Singh - 2022-08-09

One of the best courier service around Tassie

Sue Pitchford - 2021-08-05

Dev was very patient, professional & friendly. Gave useful information.

Scott Mcintosh - 2022-08-03

Dev does a good job

Nishav Shrestha - 2023-08-15

I received my freight on regular basis via Aramex devonport friendly driver and staff too.

Robyn Shelly - 2021-08-23

Have always found Roman very efficient and friendly,Parcels delivered in good order.Thankyou.

Apurba Debnath - 2022-08-05

The support I received was timely and my problem was solved in a single interaction. Great experience!!!

Royce Ellery - 2021-08-24

Always Prompt, Very pleasant dealings would thoroughly recommend. Well done Roman. Rnd Computers

Prabin Karki - 2021-08-25

Roman had really pleasing and good service. He was so friendly and professional . Great service imparted. Thanks Buddy

Ahmed Al-doori - 2021-12-14

Great service and nice delivery guys. A special thanks to Mujtaba, the most great job he’s doing delivering goods with his nice smile.

Ab Productions - 2023-01-13

Nice customer service

Made To Milk - 2020-08-13

Great service from Dev and the team at Aramex Devonport! Very reliable and have been a great help for our small business.

Darren Emmerton - 2020-10-06

Hi Sujay gives us fantastic service ,very friendly and helpful

Faisal Nawaz - 2021-04-20

They dont deliver parcel at home

Wells Mick - 2021-08-19

Ghulam has been a very good courier. He is alway respectful and friendly to talk to. Enjoy doing business with him!

Ktreena Hamilton - 2020-10-29

Always good service provided by Sujay and team.

Jasmine Ling - 2020-11-17

Lovely person served me, easy and stress free

Brett Daltera - 2021-08-25

Roman our delivery driver is fantastic, always fun to have banter with and so very pleasant

Bee Lbee - 2023-02-07

Been waiting on a package for 16 days, although it has been just sitting at the sortation centre in Sydney. Have tried to contact someone via Facebook multiple times but wait times are hours long and when you are connected with someone, you have two whole minutes to reply to them before they close the conversation. I wish the Etsy seller never used fastway/aramex. I am so disappointed and frustrated

Karen Mercer - 2021-08-23

I have had a positive dealings with Ghulam, I find him a positive and happy person to do dealings with

Jassmine Smith - 2021-11-04

Unable to contact ever.

Paul Downing - 2021-08-26

My regular Delivery Driver is Ghulam. He always has a cheerful smile and greets me by name when he delivers my parcels.

Mat Szylvester - 2020-12-04

Driver folded up a parcel of mine and jammed it in my letter box they were photos of my grandparents who I never meet I want compensations

Jill New - 2021-06-01

my parcel was deliver broken over 3 weeks ago still nothing from the company i send emails or ring no response not happy

Heather W - 2023-01-26

Not a good dilivery service. This has happened twice now. I was home all day but courier did not even come down the driveway to the door to knock. Just left a card in the mail box.

Dean Creedy - 2022-08-09

Dev and the team are fantastic to work with and have never had a problem! Amazing service even in challenging times!

Teena Morgan - 2022-05-16

Usually very happy with this service but in future I would like my parcels left on my doorstep if I'm not home. I needed the contents Friday but was taken to the depot while I was at work and closed before I could pick up. No contact number. Now I have to rush over today after work to pick up what I was expecting delivered.

Elizabeth Williams - 2022-08-10

If Supriya & Dev from Devonport depot were running all Aramex depots you would be the best courier company in Australia. Australian Quality Honey P/L

Invghost James - 2022-04-20

I have had a few deliveries from Aramex lately and the quality of services blows Australia Post out of the water. The driver knocked loudly and after it took me a while to get to the door, the driver saw me and came back to complete the delivery. I've had Australia Post simply ignore me as I've shouted at them to wait, so even something that small is amazing when compared.

Ross Hamilton - 2022-08-09

We dispatch approximately 100 parcels per month via Aramex Devonport. The local drivers are friendly, courteous and efficient and the Depot's good Customer Service works well for our Company. The only downside is we are finding deliveries to mainland customers are taking an extra week or more as compared to when we were based in NSW and serviced by the Port Macquirie Depot. Apparently consignments are consolidated into containers before going across Bass Straight. Not ideal! But it is what it is and we are still pleased with the association. Ross Hamilton DiecastGOLD Australia Pty Ltd