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😁My books - Fresh from the Dust arrived today 4/08/23. The driver, Raymond from Border Express was ex...
😡If i could leave minus stars i would. Company is a joke made an arrangement with a driver for a red...

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Border Express, Welshpool WA
Type Shop & Service Point
Address Treasure Road North, Welshpool WA, Australia
Open Hour
Telephone (03) 8347 5400
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Dorothy Holmes - 2023-08-04

My books - Fresh from the Dust arrived today 4/08/23. The driver, Raymond from Border Express was extremely helpful and cheery - he made our day. Each book has 735 pages - lots of related stories. Those who have read the first 14 pages on Shawline Publisher's website (Fresh from the Dust by Dorothy Holmes) say they can't wait to read the whole story. God bless you at Border Express, and a special thanks to driver Raymond Dorothy Holmes

Sam Manavar - 2023-01-05

Raymond deliver the delivery and I will recommend him 100%

Phillip Walters2 - 2022-11-23

Fast delivery, Good customer service .

Anthony Weir - 2023-06-30

If i could leave minus stars i would. Company is a joke made an arrangement with a driver for a redelivery and they never showed now waiting over a month for delivery and still no package. very poor service do not recommend at all

Enya2enya2 - 2023-06-02

5 Star super fast deliveries from Perth to Kalgoorlie.. Thank you Border Express...!!

Aussie Anzac - 2023-01-30

Absolute trash, I didn't think a service could be any worse than auspost.

Ryan Sojan - 2023-05-04

If you buy something make sure the postage isn't through border express you will never get it even if it sits at the Welshpool warehouse since the 19th and been onboard for delivery since the 21st it's now 4th of May and still nothing won't even let me pick it up.

Frith Stafford - 2022-11-04

Fantastic service received by both the Eastern States depot and Welshpool to arrange delivery of a large package for me to my daughters house. I'm in the country and my daughter is in Perth. I was unable to get to Perth so both depots rearranged their usual schedule to accommodate my needs. You can't get any better service than that so a big thank you to all involved 🙏. You deserve 10 stars ✨️

Alan Oneil - 2022-07-20

worst company ever !!! will never use them again the worst !!!

R C - 2022-10-06

Slow delivery, still have not received yet.

Dennis Bradley - 2023-01-11

Absolute low life’s, they don’t even have a phone number you can call them on. I tried to get a parcel redirected because I wasn’t going to be home. They wouldn’t do it and just left it on my porch. They were supposed to get a signature. When I got home from work it was gone. Don’t ever use this pathetic company. I will be taking legal action

Michelle Far - 2023-05-11

Great people great place

Alison Mac - 2023-01-27

Worst company ever. Don't bother lodging a dispute via the website, you won't get a reply. When you call, they say they have (after 6+ days) given the item to a freight forwarder and they tell you the freight forwarder doesn't reply to them. So even though the item has been in the city for 7 days now, they have no idea where it is. Zero stars for service. Can't even collect the item (which is 20 mins drive away) because they don't know where it is! DO NOT use this company unless you want endless headaches, pain and frustration.

Atlas Oceania - 2023-02-15

They lost my package and just replying with an automated text to my follow up emails, with no desire to solve the problem by their customer service!

Aiden Doak - 2023-02-14

Been waiting over 4 months for my $900 package, they're claiming the package was delivered on a date and time that I know for a fact myself and others were home, everytime a enquiry is opened they just send back their internal proof of delivery which has no signature on it, I also never got a message, phone call, email or a photo on the "delivery" date proving it was delivered like every other reputable courier does. Would never recommend using this company for anything.

Colin Sia - 2023-02-08

If I could give 0 stars I would. Item arrived at their Welshpool depot for over a week with tracking still saying in transit to Welshpool. Now they are saying its with a delivery agent but they have no idea where it is or when the item will be delivered. Tracking still says in transit to Welshpool. No help whatsoever. One of the customer service workers told me he is closing the chat because someone else from their department have already emailed me earlier so he wont bother talking to me. Rude, condescending and have no idea what they are doing. Would not recommend at all. No different to Couriers Please or Aramex.

Jet806 - 2023-01-10

Hit my car, damaged my packages. Now I have to deal with insurance and figure out what I'm going to do with my fiddled with, opened packages. Never have I ever had to deal with a delivery service this bad. That car has been parked there for almost 6 years, and no service has come near hitting it. Yet the one package that gets handed over from aramex, to border express, without my consent or knowledge, my car ends up being hit and damaged. Don't use this service if you value your motor vehicle!

Ieuan Fisher - 2023-01-16

Please do not use this company they’re useless. Your package will be late. You won’t be able to contact them. You will want to commit suicide

Miranda Nikolich - 2023-01-29

Terrible delivery service, incomplete delivery, I am missing a parcel...and the parcel that was delivered, was thrown from the car!

Justin Whitten - 2021-10-15

Sydney to Perth, delivered to my door in 7 days, 1 day after ETA but far better than Auspost. Impressed!

Carina Mcpherson - 2022-11-10

Very frustrating experience. Package has been on board for delivery for times now and not delivered. Waiting around 9-5PM for multiple days. . Fifth day of contacting this company to get a delivery. Each time I am told it is on board but no arrival. Still waiting….. It has now been on board a fourth time - without delivery. Contacted customer service again who said it would be delivered today and still no delivery. Beginning to wonder if this company is actually real or if they are just a scam. Unbelievable and unreliable.

Ryan - 2023-01-12

What do you call a courier who says they tried to deliver 3 times, doesn't leave a card, doesn't SMS or email, waiting until you call to follow up?: Useless. Worst. Courier. Ever. Not even worth the one star. Their whole setup is to have you pick it up from them. Even then they'll disclaim the world away... Avoid at all cost!

Steve A - 2022-11-14

Do not use these guys. They have lost a 200kg, 1.5m tall item. They don't know what state it is in. They're supposedly searching their depots (have been for 5 days) They can't tell me if it went on a truck or not. They won't call me back with updates as requested. They won't give me any estimate on when they might find the item. They are shocked I'm getting angry. Absolute clown show, I will never use them again and neither should you.

Chris Sandy - 2022-11-24

If you want Express .. This is not the company to use .. Poor customer service to go with it

Toolmart Australia - 2022-02-14

We have been using Border Express for years and their service has always been fantastic. We use all the major freight companies but Border Express is our favourite.

Quentin Anderson - 2022-06-07

These ppl are as bad as their rating says. No stars. I sent my package to a post office for delivery, how do you fail delivery to a post office?!?

Elijah Maisey - 2021-11-02

My package for a Perth delivery arrived in Welshpool on the 25th of October, its the 2nd of November and it hasn't moved from their warehouse. Attached photo from 2nd of November. Update: called their customer support and spoke to Karen, she said it was down as "attempted delivery" considering I was home all day on the day I know it is a lie from the driver, beyond that I never received a "we missed you" slip or an email. So my goods have been sitting in a warehouse for a week with no notification on how to proceed because a driver was too lazy or rushed to get out of his car.

Scott Sokolenko - 2022-12-09

Impossible to contact and follow up on a delivery

Michael Robinson - 2021-07-09

Very good place to work

Shani Barbe - 2022-08-01

One of the delivery drivers literally threw both my packages on the ground and my salon basin was smashed to absolute pieces. I wouldn’t have even known unless I looked back on my RING doorbell app and had the footage in front of me 😂

Wayne Chattillon - 2022-05-31

my order was bookted and dispacted on the 30th may eta was the 31 may order was comeing from kenwick wa to bunbry wa talk about a appalling delivey service 8pm and still no friken bbq

Sean Dunne - 2022-09-21

Absolute garbage service avoid at all costs, waiting on a parcel to come from Bunbury to australind,10kms away and it's taking 6 days so far, completely outrageous 🤬🤬

Roman Yazd - 2022-03-23

They have very unprofessional services I am not happy with this company 👎don’t use them.

Rams Tumex - 2021-09-22

i don't used to do it, but that's a bit too much : drivers lied, said to the office i wasn't here, didn't leave a card. i contacted by email the office a week after the transit in welshpool, they said they was waiting for me to give some news. two time they should deliver it the following day, two time i waited all day to receive the parcel, two time they lied, still didn't received my parcel after 8 days in transit in my own city. i tried to call them, a electronic voice tell me to wait, i'm the next person on the queue, never answered after 30mins. i will never use this company anymore, stay away from them.

Mitch Smith - 2022-11-15

Number to call: 1300 100 BEX (239) Website support is very very slow... Lodged 3 enquiries at 1400 WAST, 1 through contact us link, 2 via chat bot. 2 hours later and still no response, only got a result when I called..

Jessica Van Der Wacht - 2022-10-04

Not even one star, minus stars. Item says delivered, its not. Ring support they say no that just means third party has got it to deliver. Ask where my package is, they have to contact the agent and find out. 3 days of ringing and emails and still they cant tell me where my item is. What a joke !!!

Julie - 2023-02-07

A driver damaged stock on display in our shop and the company refuses to assist with the cost. There's no way to talk to any branch or anyone, it's all done via email. Such appalling customer service.

Chris K - 2022-02-11

Friendly staff and good advice

Philip Honey - 2022-11-02

It took 26 days to get a 100cm x 20cm x 20cm box from Canberra to Albany WA. Suggest they drop the "express" from their name because their delivery time was far from it.

Lin Jefferson - 2020-12-03

My parcel made it to WA super quick. And there it ended. It sat in the Welshpool depot for days. Perhaps it was particularly good at keeping the employees amused? Was it overly good looking and they just wanted to continue to gaze at its beauty? I rang this morning at 9am to find out how long they would keep it before they released it back into the wild. Whilst on the phone they changed the tracking to show it was on board with the driver. Somehow I think you need to physically place it on the truck, not just change the computer. I think my parcel is just too irresistible to leave their depot.

Kevin Cook - 2022-10-14

Good service

John Harbin - 2021-09-21

Absolute shambles....parcel still not delivered and was sent on 27th August. No help over the phone...customer service abysmal. Will not deal with them again. No communication, no idea where parcel is....can't even tell me what State it is in. I

James Ogborne - 2022-07-06

Package was slow, careless driver also dropped it on the bonnet of my vintage car on arrival. Upon opening, contents were broken beyond repair.

Cara B - 2023-01-25

Very frustrating company. Parcel was meant to be delivered 5 days ago, the last tracking update was also 5 days ago, the parcel is in the same city as delivery address, just a 30 minutes drive away, yet no ETA on delivery. Customer service is extremely slow, you can't even call the depot to see if you can collect it. If you want anything delivered on time, avoid this company.

Prank Ster - 2022-02-03

Worst bloody company I have ever had to deal with.

Brendo G - 2022-03-31

Awful awful courier company. Ridiculous wait time! Almost 3 weeks sitting in the warehouse unmoved!

Mike Dowell - 2022-07-13

Terrible Service. One of my suppliers use them and they are a nightmare. Regularly have damage boxes from fork tines hitting them. Often doesn't wreck the goods, but wrecks the packaging. Always doing partial deliveries, but saying the goods are fully delivered, then a week later i get the missign Pallets. Yes pallets of goods missing. And notice it's impossible to find a phone number. No doubt a lot of angry people would be calling them if the number was readily available.

Tom Cleary - 2023-01-27

Highly unprofessional, paid for express NOT standard freight, very hard to communicate with, parcel after 4 days has not moved, cannot call, beware of this NONE express freight company

Dan - 2021-05-31

According to tracking, my package has sat in the Welshpool depot for 1 week. When do you plan on delivering it???

Transquip Tools - 2022-07-18

Another hopeless courier! Goods arrive in Perth on the 12th still NO metro delivery or new scanning on the 18th.. Plus they DO NOT have a phone number so we need to wait until they contact us. Not good enough we need our shipment asap! 6 days of inactivity in the depot is a joke!